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Create Your Online Course

The Course Creator Community will show you the exact course creation process to use to create your first online course.

Sell Your Online Course

Creating an online course is one thing, knowing how to sell your online course is a totally different skill set. The Course Creator Community will show you the exact strategy you need to implement to sell your course online.

Grow Your Facebook Group

The Course Creator Community will give you the exact strategy you need to grow your Facebook Group fast.

VIP Membership Program

At the Course Creator Community along with our online courses, we also have a VIP membership program, which is basically the Netflix for Course Creators. For a monthly fee, you get access to a range of our online courses.

Why Study an Online Marketing Course?

A lot of Course Creators spend months (if not years) creating their online course and then make absolutely zero sales because they don’t have a marketing strategy. 

Unfortunately, the Course doesn’t just sell itself and listing your course on your website or even Udemy isn’t enough. Unless you get extremely lucky, that will generate you little to no results. 

The good news however, is that if you have a solid marketing plan, your course will sell and sales will actually be quite predictable. Online marketing is almost like an equation. The more people you have on your Email list, the more sales you’ll make (providing your Email Subscribers are your ideal customers). 

There’s a common saying in the digital marketing world that each person on your Email list should generate you approximately $1 per month. So for example if you want to make $10,000 a month in online course sales, all you need to do is grow your email list to 10,000 subscribers.

The easiest way to build your Email list in today’s world is via online / digital marketing.

What’s important is that you complete a course in Online Marketing because it’s a new skill and unless you’re an experienced digital marketer, it’s going to be tough to try and figure it out on your own. 

For example, let’s you decide that your marketing strategy is going to involve blogging. So you start up a blogging website. The problem with that is, unless you know all about keyword research, SEO, knowing how to find keywords with high traffic and low competition then it doesn’t matter how good your blog is, nobody is going to find it. 

It’s a similar situation when it comes to ‘selling’ your online course. Your blog may be working well generating you traffic and filling up your Email list but if you haven’t been trained in Email marketing and you don’t know about automations, broadcasts, subject lines, copywriting, content, frequency etc, it’s going to be hard to convert your Email subscribers into customers. 

On the flip side, if you take an online marketing course that showed you all the skills above, you’d know how to convert your Email subscribers into paying customers and you would make course sales. 

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