How Gamifying Your Business Can Boost Your Productivity and Add Value

How Gamifying Your Business Can Boost Your Productivity and Add Value

The biggest key to success in business and life is implementation. Doing gets things done. It seems like a simple statement, and it is, but it’s very accurate. Gamifying your business can boost your productivity and your bottom line because it encourages action and implementation. You can have all the plans in the world, but without execution, it’s not happening.

Gamification Ideas

  • Earning Rewards for Doing Something
  • Collecting Points
  • Moving Up a Level
  • Moving Through a Learning Courses

Adding gamification in all areas of your business, from the things you and your team do, to what you want your prospects and audience to do, can increase productivity, add value, help you or others learn, all while rewarding and encouraging implementation. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Boost Productivity

  • When you can break tasks down to smaller chunks that you can record to show that you’re making strides toward a goal, you’ll want to work harder at it. This not only helps you visualize how close you are to your goal and can provide the motivation you need to continue to reach the goal.

  • What does this look like? Let’s say your goal is to build your email list to 1000 subscribers. Your current list is under 100 subscribers. Set weekly and monthly goals for new subscribers and create a chart to track your progress. Set milestones along the way so you can have small celebrations on the path to achieving your big goal. You might surprise yourself at how quickly you reach your goal this way.

Add Value

  • It may seem strange, but when you add a carefully thought-out gamification strategy to your business, your customers are going to feel as if you’ve added value to their lives. The truth is, you have! By adding a gamification strategy to your business and identifying the what action you would like your customers to take and how they will be rewarded for taking that action, you help them fall in love with your products and services.
  • What does this look like? Let’s say you are getting ready to launch a new product, you’ve built your email list and you send a series of emails to your list. Hidden in the list, is a link that opens a special offer to reward your customers for reading your email. Hint: The link with the offer is an “Easter Egg” the action you want your customers to take is to click the link and the reward is a special offer.

Encourage Action

  • Points, rewards, progress bars all psychologically encourage your mind and your customers’ minds to act. Action is what will get you to the finish line, so that is why it’s so important. If having a checklist each day that you check off that also gives you points to cash in from a reward is what it takes to be more productive and act, then why not?
  • What does this look like? You’d like your customers to answer a 15-question survey so you can learn more about their needs and provide information for a new course you want to launch. Breaking the survey into sections or pages along with a progress bar provides your customers with a visual that shows how far they’ve progressed and how many more questions are left. The progress bar also means more people are likely to complete the survey.

    If you are building an online community, another method to encourage action could be awarding badges or points for participation or providing helpful answers to others in the community. When creating a badge program, remember to add value by offering fewer badges with more meaning.

Reward Implementation

  • One aspect of gamification is to reward people that are doing something. Whether that is you, your prospect, or your customer, the game rewards action and doing, and that’s what’s going to give you the benefit. Before implementing a gamification program, take time to create your strategy. Ask yourself, what action do I want a person to take, what type of feedback will I provide, and how will I reward that person for taking action.
  • What does this look like? You’ve emailed your list, received feedback from your survey, and you’re ready to launch your new course. You send another email to your list announcing your course launch and inviting the first 10 people to respond by midnight, a 90% discount on the course. The first 10 people receive a discount code and a thank you email. The next people who respond, receive a thank you email with a message that lets them know they weren’t one of the first ten, but you’re excited to have them join the community.

In this example, can you identify the action you wanted the person to take? What was the reward? How did you offer feedback?

Apply Your Strategy

Using this strategy of identifying the action, determining the reward, and providing feedback, you can better serve your customers, your team, and yourself. Remember,  action and implementation are everything in your business, and gamification encourages it like nothing else.

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