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Instagram Engagement Down? Try this

If you’ve landed on this blog here, chances are your Instagram Engagement is down… and you know the power of engagement on Instagram… Just because you make a post on Instagram, doesn’t mean all your followers are going to see it… Only a small percentage of them actually will… BUT that small percentage engage with the post, then Instagram will show it to more of your followers… and then ideally even to people who don’t follow you (via the explore page). 

AND… If a user engages with one of your Instagram posts – it’s highly likely that Instagram will also show them your next post! So if you’re trying to sell something online – it helps to make a couple of engaging posts… and then try and sell your course 🙂 

However, when your Instagram engagement is down… it can be a hard slog to get it back up.. And unless you’ve got a strategy to increase engagement, it can just become harder and harder… 

Now there’s obviously a HEAP of Instagram engagement strategies and re-engagement strategies that you can use… In this blog, i’m just going to share my favourite Instagram engagement strategy that we use with the Course Creator Community.

Now we are actually more “Facebook Group” people at the Course Creator Community. We have one of the largest and most engaged Facebook Groups in the world for Course Creators – with over 4,000 members, 200+ new members a month over 400 posts a month. 

So we use this as a ‘tester’ lab for Instagram.

One of the best ways to get engagement in a Facebook Group is by asking ‘engagement type questions’ – see below 

We make a few of these types of posts a week in our Facebook Group… some of them do good… and some of them flop… 

Our Group members also make a few of these types of posts a week.. Some of them do good…. And some of them flop… 

So our strategy at the Course Creator Community is… Whenever we or a Group member make a post in our Facebook Group that is super engaging we 

  1. Take the URL to that post
  2. Put that link on a list on trello called “Instagram Engagement Post” 
Example of IG engagement post

So we now have a list of engaging posts that we know our audience resonates with. Three times a week, we post “engagement questions” on our Instagram (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). So every Monday we know we need to make an engaging post, so we go to the Trello board, grab the URL and repurpose it to our Instagram and we’re pretty confident that post will get a lot of engagement. 

That’s what we do, but here are a few important things to consider because your situation is maybe slightly different from ours.

1: We are not posting EVERYTHING we post in our Facebook Group on Instagram too because the content you post on Facebook / in your Facebook Group will not necessarily work on Instagram too… Different platforms, different audiences, different algorithms etc…

2: We make 3 engagement question posts a week because we have a lot of content from our Facebook Group. If you don’t currently have a large, engaged audience on Facebook you don’t need to make 3 engagement question posts a week. You may only do one a week. 

3: If we are going to repurpose a post a Group member made to our own Instagram we make sure to credit that Group member by either tagging them and mentioning them in the post e.g. “Here’s a great post made from a member in our group @tagperson!.

4: Even if you don’t have a Facebook Group, you can test engagement posts on your Facebook Profile. If the post gets a lot of traction with your friends/followers then repurpose that to Instagram. 

5: You can repurpose other people’s engagement questions too. E.g. if you see an engaging post on Instagram / Facebook that was made by someone else – you can post that on your Instagram (providing you credit that person / original poster). If you’re using this strategy just make sure you don’t repurpose the same person’s content over and over again – it’s not a nice thing to do but if you’re just repurposing a few of their posts here and there and clearly crediting them then it’s usually ok.

6: You can always ‘tweak’ posts to make them more suitable for the audience. E.g. I run two businesses – one is for Personal Fitness Trainers and the other is for Course Creators. I often ask the same question but with a slight tweak – see below

Done properly, you’ll never have to worry about your Instagram engagement being down again 🙂

PS: At the Course Creator Community we have one. of the largest Facebook Groups in the world for Course Creators. Everyone in there is super supportive and we all share tips and ideas!

We would love to invite you to join our Group! Simply click the link below to join

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