Video vs Written Content

I made a post yesterday (about what content is better for Social Media “Video vs Written Content”… and the answers were heavily skewed towards video… 

Now I think a little differently from most people here… I do think video is good… I’ve recorded over 5,000 live videos myself over the last couple of years (well it feels like 5,000 live videos anyway 😛)… 

And there’s no doubt… Video builds more trust than written content… You can see the person’s real… see their expressions… personality… etc etc…

So if you’re JUST posting written content and NO VIDEO… then it’s going to take your audience a little longer to know, like, and trust you… 


I’m going to say written content is BETTER… Especially when starting off… (it’s a little different if you’ve already got an engaged following…)

Because here’s the counterargument…

Video can be a pain in the ass for your follower to consume… 

Most people are busy… and their most valuable assets are “time” and “attention… 

And if your content is mainly video… You’re essentially asking people to give you their most valuable assets for free… 

And if they’ve just met you… Good luck with that! 

For example, if I’m kicking back on the couch scrolling through social media and listening to Arianne Grande on Spotify… There’s no way I’m putting my future wife on pause just to listen to your live video…

But I would read your written post while I multi-task 😊

Or if I’m watching Cobra Kai on Netflix (for the 4th time)… There’s no way I’m pausing that show to listen to your live video…

But I would read your written post while I multi task 😊

Note: The exception to the rule above is if I’ve already been following you a while, I’ve been consuming your written content and like what you do… Then I would potentially put Arianne on pause to listen to your live… because I know what you’re gonna say is good! 

So if you’re JUST posting video-based content… based on the theory that it’s a better way to build connections with your followers… 

That’s true… But you’re only getting in front of people that already kinda like you… 

If you can throw some written-based content in your mix too… You’ll be getting more people to consume your content… 

And if those people like your written content… they’ll be more likely to spend their time and attention watching your next video! 

And the cycle continues!

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