Why Failure Shouldn't Be a 4-Letter Word w/ Amanda Schwartz |Course Creator Community Podcast - Course Creator Community

Why Failure Shouldn’t Be a 4-Letter Word w/ Amanda Schwartz |Course Creator Community Podcast

Amanda is a ‘Failure’ coach who helps you to shed the fear, guilt and shame of failure so that you can take imperfect action and find the success you’ve been dreaming of.
Amanda wants to shed the myth that ‘failure’ is a ‘4-letter word’ by exposing failure for what it really is….empowering.
She will take you through her 4 most significant tips on how to shift your mind from seeing failure as the thing to avoid or hide when it happens to welcoming failure as an empowering part of your success journey.

FB group – Fail Forward: A Community of Imperfect Action Takers

And website – Amanda Christen Coaching


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