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Membervault vs Thinkific Review

September 29, 20235 min read

Membervault is a lot of things, but it’s primarily a content hosting platform where you’re able to share free and paid content to your students and clients.

This is one for people who wish to share everything they know.

If you're one of those people who wants to start creating your new or next course and membership site without having to deal with all kinds of technology, this is for you.

We could compare it to Thinkific, Kajiba, and Teachable if you've tried other membership sites to share courses, products, or platforms.

Membervault, on the other hand, might be a better fit for you and your audience.


- Easy to set up

- Simple to use

- All users can customize the design (allows CSS)

- Includes added features

- A large number of course modules

- Leaderboard and gamification of quizzes


- Lacks integrations

- Platforms are not owned by users.

(Although this is typical with other platforms like Teachable and Kajabi)

Thinkific Summary:

Thinkific is a platform similar to Membervault, Teachable, and Kajabi that allows you to share a course, blog post, website, and other options with your audience.

Thinkific is more than just a system for beginners; it can also be used as a platform for a class builder.

So, if you've worked in a company and have experience, Thinkific will be able to assist you in the market.

It's designed for people who want to learn how to create complete and high-quality courses for their target audience, as well as students who want to learn how to use the Thinkific tools.


- Basic plan and account are both free.

- There are no additional account or transaction fees.

- Immediate access to funds for your course plan

- Offers a unique domain.

- A variety of integrations are available.


- Complicated navigation

- There is no marketplace for courses.

- Includes a two-step checkout process.


Both Membervault and Thinkific are online course platforms for educators, but how do they differ?

We evaluate the most significant elements in everything course distribution in this article as we compare Membervault vs Thinkific.

Shall we start by trying to figure out what this Membervault vs Thinkific brawl is all about?


If you've ever worked in the course (or other) industry, you're well aware of how frustrating it can be to browse tabs for course sharing.

Despite having capabilities like page-by-page footer links and page layout options,

Membervault assures that their educators can disseminate their knowledge in a peaceful manner.

Membervault also offers their coding educators the option of adding more custom CSS for improved functionality.


Thinkific, on the other hand, provides education-specific features in addition to everything else Membervault has to offer! Even on a no-cost plan.

Personal information about your learners can be easily found for class-related pages and other purposes. You'll also be able to start a conversation and divide learners into groups.

However, Thinkific also gives you the option of filtering out further responses that aren't appropriate for the course.

Spam and a strange response? Thinkific is completely unaware of this.

Do you want to deliver a personalized greeting to your students? Oh, that's right, it's a feature.

Is there a way to communicate about increased engagements or something that's happening in their marketplace? This is it.

When compared to other free plans, Thinkific's basic plan features are well worth it.

Thinkific gives their users a better way to track their progress (and so much more) in their learning plan! Thinkific, which is known for its tests and engagement, is for people who want to learn the most.



In the course builder market, Membervault and Thinkific are widely off in terms of pricing for such software.

For the first 100 plan subscribers, Membervault offers a free account (not a trial, an account!). That means you don't have to pay until you have 101 students, at which point

the price drops to $19 per month! That also applies to a thousand students.

Finally, for $49, Membervault offers a Base membership that allows you to reach up to 10,000 learners.


Thinkific, on the other hand, can be a tad pricy due to their upsell strategy (even when compared to Kajabi and Teachable).

Thinkific's base fee for a basic account is $39. The Pro Thinkific subscription costs $79 per month, while the Premier Thinkific account costs $399. Despite the outrageous costs and upsell, they are charges that are readily justified.

Especially if you're the type of teacher that wants to use an upsell to run a bunch of different businesses.

While Thinkific has a lot more to offer, Membervault is the cheapest.

With Membervault's low-cost plan, both users may smile their way to their basket and payment page (and a Paypal account that still has money).



Membervault is reported to have nine connectors with these top-tier course-sharing systems.

Mailchimp is one of them, as well as a few others listed in the Membervault account plan and menu! More post, menu, and checkout page styles are now possible thanks to these integrations!

So, if you're looking to join some affiliate programs, you'll find one or more integrations to assist you.


Thinkific is recognized for being on top of Kajabi and Teachable when it comes to integrations.

Upsells that make sense? Definitely! In fact, Thinkific provides you with E-commerce, email marketing, and growth connectors. Their upsells are well worth the money.

Do you hear the bells and upsells ringing as Thinkific enters? When it comes to giving tools to help visitors fill out their shopping carts, they're clearly on a different page.

Thinkific will undoubtedly take you to a new level in the realm of integrations.They have services that have been tested for compatibility.

What kind of variety do you have on your sales page? Thinkific takes the prize (along with everyone's Paypal, but that's fair).


That brings the Membervault vs Thinkific debate to a close. Have you decided who will be the winner?

While we did conduct a comparison between Membervault and Thinkific, we still believe that how you use your course sharing platform is important.

So, with a light heart, read this Membervault vs Thinkific post and choose between Membervault vs Thinkific for your needs. You will always be able to return to the sales page. If you're still not convinced, have a look at some of the other Thinkific choices!

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