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New Zenler Review

September 29, 202310 min read

New Zenler is a one-stop shop for online creators who want to produce, market, and sell online courses and memberships. The main goal is to provide instructors, professionals, and students with a virtual ecology that is similar to that of a classroom. It also aims to administer your complete online education business from a single platform without having to employ designers, developers, or marketers to build it.

How does it works?

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Why use New Zenler?

The following are some of New Zenler's most impressive features:

Course Creation - Online Course platform with full functionality

Courses can be easily created and students may be tracked.

Video, audio, PDF, PPT, Quizzes, Surveys, Downloads, and Live Videos(soon) can all be included. Make membership sites and bundles. Drip Schedules should be added. Improve conversions by visualizing your course funnel.

You can charge anything you wish for your services.

Subscriptions, one-time courses, free trials, payment/installation plans, one-click upsells, order bumps (coming soon), tiered pricing options for dividing access levels into your courses/bundles, and more.

Email Automation

Enrollment, Course Completion, Lesson Completion, Add Tags & Remove Tags are just a few of the triggers you may use to nurture your students.

Page Designer - Drop and Drag Page Designer

Make any kind of page design you like.

Customize any of your pages as much as you'd like. You aren't limited to a few pre-programmed designs. Any element on the pages can be easily added, edited, dragged, and moved about.

Done without any coding or web design experience.

For you to quickly construct high converting landing pages, New Zenler provides 1000+ premium ready-to-click and edit design Blocks. Text blocks, pricing tables, buttons, photos, videos, and even countdown timers may all be dragged and dropped onto your website.

Create Popups with ease

Choose from a variety of premium popup styles that have already been created for you. You have complete control over everything from displaying popups when someone attempts to leave your page to displaying popups after a delay.

Email Automation - Generate automated emails and other actions based on events and triggers with ease.

Zenler Mail - email system included

Send and schedule emails directly from Zenler, eliminating the need for a third-party email or email automation provider. It includes detailed statistics on email openings, clicks, and unsubscribes right on your website.

Email automation

Send emails to those who join up for your course or funnel, complete a course or lesson. Your emails will be delayed if you choose drip mode. Tagging can be automated, and there's a lot more.

Effective segmentation

Send emails to the appropriate persons at the appropriate time. Use simple filters to segment your contacts. When sending emails within your course, funnel, or email broadcasts, use segmentation.

Marketing - Create any form of marketing funnel you want to generate leads and grow your mailing list.

Make Marketing Funnels quickly and easily

In just a few clicks, you can create any form of high-converting marketing funnel, including Lead Magnet Funnels, Video Series, Webinar/Automated Webinar/Survey/Virtual Summit Funnels(soon) and more.

Designs with high conversions

Select from a variety of high-converting designs. In the advanced page editor, you can customize it to your desire. Visualize the funnel, see where visitors are leaving, and make changes to boost conversions.

Marketing automation

Set up a full chain of emails or activities based on the prospect's position in your funnel. Segment them and send them the messages you desire.

Community - Increase student engagement with a live chat room and a community.


Create a social network-style community for your website with ease. Community built within your site can aid in the formation of a solid community for your courses and membership sites by triggering network effects.

Live Chat Room

The addition of a live chat room to the community enhances participation by allowing members to speak in real time.

Pricing Plans should include community & live chat

You have control over who has access to the community and live chat. On the pricing plans, you can choose to include Community and/or Live Chat.

Live Interactive Webinars, Live Stream & Live Classes - Create and deliver live classes, interactive webinars, and live streaming in HD.

Create a schedule for live classes and run them

Run HD video and audio live classes for your students. There are up to 500 video participants and 49 videos available. Screen sharing, chat, whiteboard, security, recording, file sharing, virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, and more are all built-in.

Live Webinars are a great way to get your message out to your audience.

Create and host live interactive webinars with high-definition video and audio. Up to 500 people are expected to attend. Chat, Screenshare, WhiteBoard, Security, File Sharing, and more are all available.

Publish your session on Facebook Live or Youtube Live

Build and engage with your audience and prospects by broadcasting live streams to your Facebook Live or Youtube Live.

Pricing (monthly and annually)





Does it have a free plan?

The platform is currently in beta, and you can join up for a free trial of the platform's key features. There will be a free plan with only Course Creation and Delivery functionalities.

How to make a course on New Zenler:

You'll be offered three options after signing up: Create Course, Generate Leads, and Send Broadcast.

When you select "Create Course," you'll be directed to an exceptionally user-friendly dashboard.

It’s easiest to complete the course creation process by focusing on the top-horizontal menu and tackling each item from left to right. As with the dashboard, the menu items are laid out in logical sequence to softly nudge you in the right direction

Not only does New Zenler support a wide range of course formats, it also enables Bulk Uploads to speed up this tedious process.

Simply fill in the blank fields, such as your course name, subtitle, and summary, after clicking Create Course. It's worth noting that the summary only appears once. If you want to add a summary later, simply write it down and wait until to get to the sales-page stage of the process, when you'll have another chance to add/update your summary.

Then, near the bottom right, click Create Course to move from "Course Details" to "Curriculum."

This is where you'll write the majority of your course. New Zenler, as previously said, has a very clean and minimalist user experience. You can design a Hierarchical Learning Path with its Curriculum Builder. In other words, each portion serves as a module that can hold a number of lessons. Simply click on the segment (or lesson) you'd like to create, then type in the name and other details to the right of it, then save before moving on to the next section.

Bulk uploads are really useful. As simple as it may appear at first glance, unexpectedly and unfortunately, not many platforms provide or have this capability. Many other sources, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, can be used to bulk import data. Alternatively, you can pick many files from your computer and upload them all at once.

While configuring lessons, you also have the option of enabling a free preview of the full course, setting it as a draft so that only course authors may see it, and making it compulsory, which serves as Forced Navigation. In this instance, students must finish the course or lesson before they may access any future courses. This is useful if you're working with credits or conducting compliance training where audits requiring proof of

completion are at stake.

The best thing about the Curriculum Builder is how simple it is to use. It's a drag-and-drop tool, so you can rearrange modules or sections by dragging and dropping each component (or lesson) into the proper order. To enable it, make sure your cursor is hovering above the three vertical dots.

The course name and summary you submitted previously, as well as a few other options, may be found to the left of Curriculum, under "Course Details."

Putting Together Course Pages

After you've uploaded your content, you'll need to decide on the style and feel of the pages where it will be hosted. Click Pages from the same menu as Curriculum within your course.

In New Zenler, you can build four different types of course pages:

Course access page

Thank you page

Sales page

Checkout page

How to make money on New Zenler:

Product Pricing

Your online course platform should provide you with flexibility in terms of pricing options for members as well as a simplified checkout procedure if you want to sell your course successfully.

To begin, you can sell individual courses as well as bundles of multiple courses. You can charge a one-time cost, a recurring subscription, or even a payment plan for your product.

You can also establish different pricing plans for your items (both courses and bundles) and choose exactly what your clients get as part of each plan, which is quite useful if you want to create multiple levels for your course/membership.

You can choose which sections/lessons a student will have access to as part of a plan if you're selling a course. Similarly, if you're offering a bundle, you may pick and choose which courses to include.

Setting up a tiered price plan is a very useful feature that allows students to have a sneak look of the course while also giving the creator ample space and time to exhibit their valuable content to students without having to charge them right away.

You can bill your customers on a monthly, annual, quarterly, half-yearly, or custom time period

basis for recurring subscriptions. You can also charge a one-time setup cost and provide a free trial if you desire.

For your items, you can select start and end dates for enrolment. Students will be allowed to enroll just at certain times, which is especially beneficial if you're implementing an open/close launch. The ability to set course validity for a pricing plan is another such feature. You may easily make the product access of your students expire after 6 months or a year.

You can utilize New Zenler's coupon feature to give discounts once you've finished setting a price for your product. In addition, you can offer a percentage discount or a fixed discount with coupons. You can also make the coupon applicable to all or specific products.

NZ Example Courses

Does NZ have an app?

There are no mobile apps available.

Does it have:

Order Bumps

On the checkout page, you can add the order bump. Order bump can be introduced to courses that have at least one pricing plan that isn't free.


You may add 1-click upsells to your checkout process, which is a terrific way to increase your customers' lifetime value.


A Course Funnel is established when you create a Course.

Pros of New Zenler:

Through Lead Generation Infrastructure, the platform provides you with a comprehensive set of features (Email Funnel, LP).

On the platform, the pricing options are very clear.

You'll also get a lot of features that help you build a community.

Unlimited Students

The tool allows the audience to track their development in real time.

Optimize the page for different devices (based on device, show/hide elements/blocks)

Contains email scripts with a high conversion rate that are pre-loaded

Community, Quizzes, Assignments, and more great engagement options are available.

Exit Intent, On Browse, After Delay, and Other Popup Options

Cons of New Zenler:

Setting up the platform takes some time.

There are no mobile apps available.

Limited email marketing tools

The functionality of the membership site is limited.

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