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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities in the world for Online Course Creators. You can take our free course "How to Launch Your First Online Course", join our free Facebook Group the "Course Creator Community" or join our Paid Membership Site the "Course Creator Community VIP Membership Program."

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Discover the Best Way to Create and Launch your Online Courses

Most Course Creators spend 6-12 months creating their online courses, they spend a lot of time and energy researching the best platform, creating the PowerPoint slides, recording the videos, editing the videos, uploading the videos, and making the course look good! 

Once they are finally ready to take their course to market, they launch and don’t usually get the results they were expecting. They may make a sale or two but that barely covers all the software expenses they needed to launch. And it definitely wasn’t worth the 6-12 months of hard work.

This is a common story for Course Creators and it’s HEARTBREAKING! 

At the Course Creator Community, our goal is for this NOT to happen to you!

The first step we recommend is to join our FREE Facebook Group the “Course Creator Community“. We have over 5,000 course creators in the Group, everyone in there is super supportive and we all share tips and ideas.

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Facebook Groups… the one thing Facebook actually got right :p! Seriously though – it’s almost expected that every Course Creator has their own Facebook Group attached to it. Not only will it make your course better and provide community for your students – but it’s a great way to grow your following of potential students (for free) and gives you a platform to promote your courses on. Creating the course is the easy part… Trying to sell it is the hard part… and trying to do it without a list is the impossible part… Unless you’ve completed this course first 🙂


Email Marketing Essentials -Course Creator Edition

The EASIEST way to start selling your online course is via Email Marketing to your current email list… Providing you what emails make sales… And which emails should be automated and which should be live… And how many emails to send… and when to send them…

Create and Launch Your First Online Course
-Even if You Have No Email List or Following

Creating the course is the easy part… Trying to sell it is the hard part… and trying to do it without a list is the impossible part… Unless you’ve completed this course first :p


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Free Course: How to Create Your First Online Course…

If you haven't created or launched your first online course yet - take this FREE COURSE immediately! Even if you created and launched your first course - take this training before you create / launch your next one!

Community Facebook Group: The Course Creator Community

The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most supportive Facebook Groups for online courses creators! Everyone in there is super supportive and we all share tips and tips! We would love to invite you to the group!

Membership Site: The Course Creator Community VIP

If you’d like some extra support in launching your online course, our VIP membership program is your perfect first step! Not only do you get a step by step system - you also get weekly group coaching calls to help keep you on track on network with other Course Creators.

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Grow your FB Group

Many Facebook group owners monetise their groups. Get the training you need to set up, manage and profit from your own community on Facebook.

Email Marketing Essentials

Gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to craft an email marketing strategy that grows your business and career. 

Create and Launch your First Course

 Creating the course is the easy part. Trying to sell it is the hard part and trying to do it without a list is the impossible part… Unless you’ve completed this course first 

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At Course Creator Community, we help you create, sell and promote your online courses so you can monetise your skills, knowledge and experience. Sign up for our VIP Membership Program today.

Why Work with The Course Creator Community

Online courses are an increasingly popular and great type of training. It can be as broad and specific as you want in order to communicate a clear message to people and help them develop new skills. But with so many online courses available, how can you create one that’s successful?  Or if you have already created an online course and you’re just looking to increase the number of sales you’re currently making as well as to level up the skills you have, we can definitely help you make a more successful online course. Here’s how:

Mini Course

The bite-sized cousin of a traditionally known online course is a powerful tool for creators. If a mini course is offered free, it will no doubt serve as a magnet to finding and growing an online audience.

 But why start small and free when you can get big and start earning? To narrow it down, here are two (2) main reasons: 

working on a laptop
  1. You can learn
    There are always mistakes every first time. Seeing these mistakes in your launched free mini course will give you the opportunity to learn and get the sense of how to effectively prepare a course curriculum on a topic. 
  2. You throw on social media and test the market
    On top of that, you can test the market after you plug it in social media and other networking sites. If there’s a high number of demands for the free mini course, there is a huge possibility that a large number of people would also be interested to avail the paid version. This also allows you to understand what your potential audience wants from your course and what problems they have that you can help solve.

Take your time to prove market demand. 

Learning Management System (Online Course Creation Software / Course Builder)

There’s a whole heap of them out there. But it is usually easier to start off with a 3rd party platform and NOT host on your website because it’s just easier at the start and a lot more user friendly, this is primarily due to the fact that LMS is one of the quintessential tools for the eLearning design and development process. You can use an “all in one” (kajabi or New Zenler) or an “online school” (thinkific or teachable). 
All in one Online School
Focuses in Online Course Creation, Marketing, Sales Pages and a like. Only focused in Online Course Creation Softwares
Considering these, we highly recommend the “All in one” for it ends up being more affordable and flexible. If we were to recommend you, Kajabi is usually considered the best yet most expensive and New Zenler is usually considered the best in value plus contains free versions, thus usually the best place to start.

Course Content

Assuming there’s demand for your mini course, the next thing you want is your course content. Theoretically, you could create infinite online courses and bring all of your brilliant ideas to life.  But let’s say our goal is only to release your first profitable online course. Ideally you don’t want to create all the content, just the overview. Most courses typically start with 4-6 modules in which each module consists 30-60mins long. This can be broken down into shorter units such as 5-10mins per module to make it more digestible. At this stage you don’t need to know ALL of those details, having 4-6 big topics are enough to create a Sales Page for your major course(s). 

Remember, the nittier gritty you are in your course topic, the better. Narrow it down to one specific transformation. Online courses don’t have to consist of just videos. There are other content types that you can use and we can help you with that.

Promote Your Course

Once you’ve got the outline for your course and created the sales page, it’s time to get ready for the Promotional Course. The easiest way to do this is typically via a live webinar. By this time, you should already have a little bit of a list / following at the moment because you’ve spent the last few weeks plugging your mini course all over social media. The next step is to make some posts, send some emails and get as many people registered for a free webinar as possible. At the end of the webinar, you’ll make a pitch for your course. 

Keep in mind that at this state, your course IS NOT created yet, but it is possible for you to do it. Your goal is to create a pitch of this course week-by-week.

Female hand writing something on the laptop keyboard

For instance, you have a 5-module course and sell it as a 5-week course. You sell it via webinar, got your overview and sales page, made a pitch and there are always two possibilities: 

  1. People buy it- great, you’ll drip the content to them week by week. You may do it live or create the content beforehand and send your audience the link. 
  2. People don’t buy it – still great, don’t get discouraged easily, you might never want to have to think about launching again, but we recommend you to consider getting back to the drawing board and see what went wrong, reassess and analyse multiple solutions.  You should be collecting data, or information on how things are going along the way so you can know what to expect for the next time. 


With so many platforms developing new learning technologies, you might get overwhelmed in choosing the best fit for you. At Course Creator Community, we’re passionate in helping you with planning, writing, creating, and making your online course a success.  Feel free to reach out and we’ll give you a step-by-step plan. 


I have just joined webinar[ Facebook group How to Create a Wildly Engaged (and profitable) Facebook Group ]today.
It was very impressive and more feasible I have ever heard.
I like the most that he mentioned we as the group manager have to encourage member to win in the group by asking questions.
That’s definitely effective rather than just asking them to write comments.
I am very keen to join his FB100 Challenge but would like to check his FB group and its contents first, since I’ve just known him since yesterday ^^
I have joined couple of FB group webinar, but his webinar was most impressive one, I have ever heard.
I recommend you to join his webinar and check by yourself, if it sounds interesting for you.
Duke Yamamoto from Auckland, New Zealand

Wow can’t thank Jono enough his program is helping me so much with my business (creating courses to help people design their dream life and relationship after divorce). It makes a huge difference to work with someone that makes it so simple to understand and execute that really cares about making a difference to your business!! I finally believe it’s possible again and I am so excited – thank you Jono!!!

Renae Tate from Australia
Jono Petrohilos’s paid membership is excellent.
Lessons are practical & actionable. You learn from:
1) The courses.
2) How Jono produces the courses.
If you want to serve more people & get paid doing it (rather than learn for the sake of learning) then I highly recommend it.
Andy from England


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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities on Facebook for Online Course Creators.

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