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30 Kajabi Course Examples (updated 2021)

Looking for some Kajabi course examples? 

When it comes to online course hosting platforms/learning management systems, Kajabi is considered the “Ferrari” of them all! It’s a little more expensive… but it looks nice and has a whole heap of extra conveniences. 

Now if you’ve found yourself on this blog, you’re either 

  1. Already registered with Kajabi
  2. Looking to register with Kajabi and want to do some homework

Either way, it’s only going to help if you check out what some other Course Creators are doing on Kajabi so you can see both – what they are selling / doing and how they are laying out their school.

So without further ado – check out these 10 Kajabi Course Examples

  • Your Guitar Sage– “This is no cookie-cutter guitar school. This won’t feel like you’re attending a private one-on-one lesson. When you watch a Your Guitar Sage video or begin a course through UGS, imagine that you’re in a class of thousands.”Your Guitar Sage


  • Aline HossDesign studio that helps Course Creators launch their digital products. She helps entrepreneurs create and launch websites and online courses in Squarespace and Kajabi, so they can focus on their zone of genius.Alline Hoss Website & Course Launch Specialist


  • Dream Life After Divorce
    Design Your Dream Life After Divorce Coaching Program. These specialized divorce coaching programs have been developed specifically for what you’re going through right now and it doesn’t matter where you’re at on your journey, or what your challenges are, you will get the right support to help you move through the tunnel faster and come out the other side with the strength, confidence, and happiness that may be eluding you right now.


  • Adventure Island Academy: Training travel photographers. They call their courses Elopement Guides with the promise that  “Cause you know “just a photographer” ain’t going to cut it here”https://adventureinstead.com/about/


  • Abstract Painting Academy How to Paint Abstract Paintings (like only you can!), Loosen Up your painting style, and use Design Fundamentals to give your paintings Dynamic Visual Impact.https://david-kessler.mykajabi.com/abstract-painting-academy


  • Earn That Body Online Nutrition & Fitness Training For people who are struggling to lose weight & tired of fad diets that don’t work!https://www.earnthatbody.com/


  • Laura McKowen: Inspiring people For those who want to find joy, resilience, and stability in sobriety. Because you didn’t come this far to only come this far.https://www.lauramckowen.com/courses


  • Paradise Getaways Honeymoons & Destination Weddings
    Designers of Luxury All inclusive Honeymoon Packages, Destination Wedding Packages, Romantic Getaways and Family Vacations.


  • The Unicorn Advisory Making Tech Easy For Online Course and Membership Creators “Say goodbye to the overwhelm and frustration of creating your platform, so you can get on with growing your online business in Kajabi and get money flowing in.”https://www.theunicornadvisory.com/

  • Morgan Brown Dance All about dancing and movements, join Morgan’s online courses, events, and or personalized coaching sessions to get guidance for every step of your movement journey!


  • Sancri Healing Sancri Healing offers various free personal development information and ebooks as a way to generate leads and build her email list.


  • Jane Cavanagh Flute School  “Jane offers dozens of free video mini-lessons that demonstrate her experience in playing flute and show how even tiny tweaks to your flute technique can have a huge difference.”



  • Maggie Landes MD The founder of this website, Maggie Landes, is a legitimate nutritionist and physician. Those who visit the site can sign up to purchase an E-Guide Mini Course material on proper eating habits and diet plans.
  • Ella Parle Francais – Ella parle français is an online platform to study the French language in a relaxed conversation-driven environment. https://www.ellaparlefrancais.com/


  • Orthovated– The leader in orthodontic coaching and orthodontic online education. With online courses and workshops, we make learning fun, relevant, and engaging… all at your fingertips. If you are ready to soar to success with our proven goal crushing blueprint program, than one-on-one orthodontic coaching with our highly skilled consultant is for you!



  • Fully Raw Kristina carries one of the largest social media platforms for vegans and health activists around the globe. FullyRaw by Kristina offers solutions for people in all walks of life and for all budgets
  • https://www.fullyraw.com/blog


  • VH Design Co Judy and Jess are dedicated to helping you build and grow a successful design business for the modern age with their combined decades of experience in the industry.https://www.vhdesign.co/


  •  Survival Swim School – Online course that provides a training program focused on the goal of self-rescue for kids (infants, toddlers, and young children) in water environments so that parents never have to worry about their kids drowning.https://www.survivalswimschool-bv.com/



  • Chris Onthank – “You deserve to have the best relationship you can possibly have with your dog.” Chris Onthank is a professional canine coach and animal behaviorist who helps owners develop better relationships with their dogs.


  • Spot On Agility– Dog Agility Judge, Coach, and Competitor Lisa Selthofer helps dog owners train their dogs in a sport called Agility, by building a highly engaged and skilled team that works together to negotiate the challenges of an obstacle course.


  • Jill Thatcher Jill is a children’s entertainer and ventriloquist  https://www.jillthatcher.com/


  • Healthy Love and Money offers personal finance courses for couples. Learn how to cultivate more financial intimacy and joy in your relationship and your finances with my new book The Healthy Love and Money Way



  • Art Queens Kat is a multi-passionate soul: painter, author, podcaster, and coach with a mission to help the art world heal and thrive.



  • Rachel Hollis HoCo or the Hollis Company produces content in every kind of media format: books, podcasts, movies, social and live events as well as physical products. 


  • The Doodle Institute Ever wish YOU could learn to DOODLE?  Doodling can unlock your creativity at Home, School & Work.https://doodleinstitute.mykajabi.com/


  • The Seasonal Diet courses help people get started with a plant-based diet. They also teach meal planning, detoxing, and morning routines that help you lose weight. https://theseasonaldiet.com/

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