5 Ways to Grow Your Mental Fitness so You Can Grow (and Thrive) -

5 Ways to Grow Your Mental Fitness so You Can Grow (and Thrive)

It’s time to Grow Your Mental Fitness!

You are an online course creator.

You love what you do.

You love touching lives and making an impact.

But sometimes, things are not so rosy.

You wish they always were but they are not.

There are times when you have to admit that stress gets in the way.

The stress of an upcoming launch, the urge to make sure that all your ducks are in a row before you reach out to your prospects, and even the fear of going live on video.

You are afraid that you are not quite sure how to set up that landing page, write good copy, or edit your videos.

You’d love to delegate that kind of stuff to someone but a little voice in your head keeps telling you that they’ll mess up and your credibility will go down the drain.

So you stress (again) and have many sleepless nights.

Your family and friends start to notice that you are not quite yourself.

They suggest that you do something about it.

They want the old you back.

But where do you start?

Grow Your Mental Fitness
 Photo by Brandy Kennedy on Unsplash

Don’t stress

If it’s any consolation, what you are going through is not unique to you.

It happens to the best of us.

What you are going through is the brain’s way of protecting you from failure.

You see, in the prehistoric days, our brains were designed to protect us from the harm that came with living in the wild.

They were designed to ensure that we survived the tigers, the wolves, and even enemy tribes.

Unfortunately, these survival tactics are still ingrained deep in our subconscious.

They protect us from getting out of our now digital comfort zone. From leaving our cozy mental caves.

“What if you fail?”

A little voice whispers.

So you crawl back into your mental cave and vow never to leave.

But there’s a way out

Here’s the good news.

Science (yes, it’s a science) has identified ways that we can use to shift our thoughts from that survival part of the brain and start to see the amazing life that lies ahead of us if only we stop being so hard on ourselves and step out of the cave.

Here are 5 tips that work like a charm.

  1. Call a spade a spade: Acknowledge that your brain is sabotaging you. For example, you have to shoot some videos but find yourself cleaning your kitchen for the 4th time.

If this happens, be honest with yourself and acknowledge that the kitchen doesn’t need cleaning.

It’s your brain’s way of trying to run away from what it needs to do.

They call it procrastinating.

Our brains run to what is familiar other than dealing with something new or uncomfortable.

Accept these feelings, call them out and acknowledge that only you can get yourself out of this.

  1. Have a 1 to 1 talk: Once you have acknowledged the thing that is holding you back, get it to have a seat across the table from you and strike that “we need to talk” pose.

Go ahead and tell that imaginary someone seated across the table from you that you need to work and this is not the time to mess with your head.

Yes, people will think you are crazy when they see you doing this but it works.

  1. Visualize: Have you ever thought of something so hard that it came true? If you did, you experienced the power of visualization.

Visualization works when you allow yourself to see what is possible.

It helps you to imagine how your life will change once you’ve completed that amazing online course of yours.

Savor that moment in your head.

See it, smell it and touch it.

Start to imagine the excitement that will come with completing your online course and use that excitement to push through.

This is a technique that many athletes have used with a lot of success so why not try it?

  1. Brain breaks work wonders: Our brains, just like our tired muscles after going to the gym one too many times, need a day off.

Sometimes, especially those of us without a big team (I hear you saying, “that’s me”), tend to do it all and this can stretch our brain in a million different directions.

In moments like this, take a rain check.

Even if it’s only for a few moments.

Use the break to listen to mindful videos (you’ll find tons on Youtube) or just close your eyes and rub your fingers together ever so gently. Focusing on this physical sensation will give your brain that much-needed rest so it can come back rejuvenated.

  1. Use the Tik – Tok tactic Question – Why has Tic Tok become so popular?

Answer: Because it is quick and straight to the point.

That’s right.

WE are living in a time when our brains want to process something quickly and move on.

In the same way, our brains get bored from working on a task that is taking too long to complete.

So work in 5-minute intervals.

Tell your brain, “Stay with me. This will only take 5 minutes.”

Stay true to your word and stop working after 5 minutes.

Keep doing this until you complete the task.

This technique is very powerful and works specifically for tasks that one does not particularly enjoy.

Get ready for a new life.

Use these techniques and get ready to embrace a new you.

A you who will know how to keep moving and not stay stuck as the rest of the world moves on.

Remember, there are people out there waiting for you.

Waiting for your amazing online course.

Waiting for you to hold their hand and take them through the transformation that they have been waiting for.

But you’ve got to take the leap.

Because you’ve got what it takes.

You’ve come too far to let the little voices in your head stop you.

So beat them at their own game and before you know it, you’ll be moving, you’ll be growing and you’ll be thriving.

And taking your students with you.

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Grow Your Mental Fitness

Hannah is an online course creation strategist, a mental fitness coach, and an avid runner. https://bit.ly/coursebossacademy

She is happiest when she is helping aspiring female entrepreneurs turn their skills into online courses that can help others without compromising on their happiness. 


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