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6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Facebook Group Active and Engaged (that actually work)

The hardest part of running an engaged Facebook Group is getting OTHER members to post! Providing you’ve got a few members in your Facebook Group already and you know the type of content your ideal avatar engages with – it’s pretty easy to get engagement on your own posts.


Getting others to post in your Facebook Group… that’s a different story!


You use some of my proven strategies 🙂

Now just a few caveats before I get into the actual tips!

Caveat One: I’m assuming you are already getting engagement on your own posts and now you’re looking to get others to start posting in your Group. If you’re not already getting engagement on your posts – I recommend spend time mastering that skill too (as it’s not covered in this blog).

Caveat Two: This shouldn’t take a lot of work! It may take a little bit of work at the beginning… But the whole goal of these strategies (and like all of my strategies) is you spent a little bit of work at the start to get the ball rolling… But after that – the systems should run themselves!

Anyway, let’s get into the tips!

1: Only Invite Your Ideal Avator Into The Group

I know it’s tempting at the start… You want as many people in your Group as possible… But if you invite people into your group who aren’t your IDEAL Avator… You’re going to pay the price… which is lack of engagement! So don’t do it – from now on – only invite someone if they are a perfect fit!

2: Wait… Until You have 100 people you think will be a good fit!

Now this is a tricky one… because a lot of the time, we want to build a Facebook Group to build our list… but here’s the thing…

Firstly, no one wants to join a Facebook Group with no one in there… Secondly if you have a Facebook Group with only a handful of people – it’s really hard to get engagement! Just the pure Math behind it…

So I recommend wait until you have about 100 people in your email list before you start your Facebook… That way when you’re group starts – you’ve got enough people in there to get some interaction going.


3: Ask New Members To Introduce Themselves… via a DM

Now this is important… A lot of Group Admins will make a post in their Group, tag the new members and ask them to introduce themselves in the comments section… This is “ok”…

But… it’s not as powerful as the member making an actual post in the main section of the Group feed!

The easiest way to encourage new members to make a post is to send them a DM and welcome them to the Group! Something as simple as

“Hey name! I just approved your request to join our Facebook Group (insert name)! What is you do in the space?”

Once they reply, saying what it is they do – send a follow up DM, something like

“Great, well feel free to make a post in the Group and introduce yourself!”


4: The Question Re Direct

Now most of us probably get asked questions all over the place… Some people email us questions… some people call us with questions… some people send us a DM with questions…

This can often seem like a lot of work to answer all these questions in different places… So what I do is use the “redirect” strategy… Anyone question I get anywhere… I reply with something like

“Awesome question! Are you able to post that in Facebook Group? I’ve got the perfect answer for this and i’d love for everyone else in the Group to see it! Is that ok, if you post it in there”

It’s great for engagement in the Group but it’s also a great time management tool for you 🙂

5: The “Feedback” Redirect

Most of us all will get some sort of good feedback! “Jono, I finished your course – that was amazing”… “Jono, I just listened to your podcast – so good” etc etc

Leverage that feedback! Reply with

“Thanks name! So happy to hear that! Could I ask a favour – could you post that in the Facebook Group? May encourage others to do the course too ;)”

Not only is this good for your engagement – but this is great social proof and will lead to more sales for you

6: The “Action Task”

As Course Creators we should always include “Action Tasks” in our courses (even in our free courses)… Use this to your advantage – make some of action tasks revolve around posting in your Facebook Group! For example… In my Kettlebell course one of the Action Tasks is “Make a post in the Facebook Group and ask everyone else’s opinion on what their favourite Kettlebell Workout is”… In my Course Creator Community Group one of my courses revolves around creating the perfect lead magnet… One of the Action Tasks in the Group revolves around making a post in the Facebook Group, asking what other people’s lead magnet is

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