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About Course Creator Community

One of the world’s largest resources for Online Course Creators, the Course Creator Community helps thousands of Course Creators create, launch and sell their online courses!

We believe that with the right guidance and support, any Course Creator can be successful at selling their online courses! 

Our mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing world of online courses and help you avoid getting ripped off by all the apparent ‘gurus’ out there!

We bring you original and comprehensive blogs, expert podcast interviews, and keep you updated with any news you need to improve the sales of your online course.

Our events, summits, and training opportunities provide you access to the industry’s top experts so you can remain on the leading edge of the online course space.


Our Story

Our founder Jono Petrohilos has been creating online courses since 2014. He is also the Co Founder and Director at Fitness Education Online, one of the largest providers of online courses for Fitness Professionals in the world. In this business Jono has created over 40 online courses, generates over $1,000,000 a year in online course sales and has won multiple awards include the Fitness Australia Educator of The Year, being a finalist in the Exercise New Zealand Educator of The Year and being selected to be the keynote speaker at the first every Greek Fitness Conference

March 2020, the world as we know it changed. The whole world basically locked down, couldn’t leave their home, and was forced online.

Jono noticed that suddenly there was a heap of people who not only wanted… but NEEDED to learn how to create, launch and sell an online course and had no idea how! 

So Jono created a Facebook Group, the Course Creator Community – where we would give regular tips on what Course Creators can do to sell more of their online courses. This group grew rapidly to over 2,500 members in less than 6 months and has consistently grown since.

About Our Content

Each week you can look forward to original blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos from the Course Creator Community. No need to search for the best content when it comes to launching your online course – you can find it all here. 

About our VIP Membership Program

The Course Creator VIP membership is our member organisation for Course Creators. A place where Course Creators can discover new marketing ideas, improve their results and get support. If this sounds like something you’d be interested – you can check it out here

Our Executive Team

Founder & CEO: Jono Petrohilos is the founder of the Course Creator Community, the man behind the Course Creator Community Facebook – the industries most engaged Facebook Group. He’s also the host of the Course Creator Community podcast and founder of the Course Creator Community VIP Membership.

Director of Marketing: Phoebe Cabral is the director of marketing for the Course Creator Community. She has over 7 years of experience in TV productions, social media and marketing online courses and memberships. She directs the marketing team and leads all marketing efforts for the Course Creator Community.

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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most supportive Facebook Groups for online courses creators! Everyone in there is super supportive and we all share tips and tips! We would love to invite you to the group!

VIP Membership Program
If you’d like some extra support in launching your online course, our VIP membership program is your perfect first step! Not only do you get a step by step system - you also get weekly group coaching calls to help keep you on track and actually have a human to human connection.

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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities on Facebook for Online Course Creators.

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