Benefits of a Virtual Assistant: 42 Tasks a Course Creator Should Outsource to a VA

If you’re looking for some of the benefits of a Virtual Assistant, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll break down some of the tasks a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help a Course Creator with! 

If you’re completely new to the idea of Virtual Assistants, they are essentially your ‘personal assistant’ but instead of working in your office, they work ‘virtually’. 

As these assistants work virtually – they can be based anywhere in the world, however, most Course Creators choose to hire Virtual Assistants from the Philippines for a few different reasons. 

  1. With the difference in economies, a Virtual Assistant usually gets paid an hourly rate of around USD$5-$10. Which is a good hourly wage in the Philippines and an affordable rate for an Solopreneur in the Western World. 
  2. Most schools in the Philippines are taught in English, so most Filipinos speak English just as well as they speak Filipino – their spelling and grammar may even be better than yours :p 
  3. Being a Virtual Assistant is a common and well sort after job in the Philippines so chances are your Virtual Assistant already has experience / contacts in the field which makes the experience a lot easier.  

The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

There are so many benefits of a virtual assistant, which is why business owners are opting to use this solution to help them to stay ahead of their competition. After finding a great virtual assistant, you’ll notice that you have so much free time and energy to spend elsewhere on other more important tasks for your business. These are a few of the key benefits of a virtual assistant that we believe anyone will notice immediately after hiring one for your team.

Free Up Your Time

Are you sick and tired of doing mundane data entry tasks or replying to customer queries? If so, these are the type of tasks you can outsource to your virtual assistant. Instead of spending hours of your day on work that’s draining, you’ll be able to spend more of your time on creative projects that you are really passionate about. When you first set up your business, the last thing you probably wanted to do was spend all day at your computer. Take your time back and start enjoying this top benefit of a virtual assistant.

Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

As we shared earlier, virtual assistants can be a very cost-effective option when it comes to hiring help for your business. Instead of hiring a full-time employee in your home country, you can outsource this to elsewhere in the world. You’ll find that by taking a few hours of work off your plate each day, you can then spend more time doing the things you love. Many business owners start their career hoping to enjoy a better work-life balance, but this often is only possible once you hire an assistant and start to experience the benefits of a virtual assistant.

Help Your Business to Expand

Many of us dream of taking our business to the next level, but we have no idea how to get started. Expanding your current team can be a risky way to go, which is why hiring a virtual assistant is a safer option. This allows you to test out how you would cope if you start taking on more clients without risking hiring a full-time employee or overworking yourself to the point of burnout.

The Wide Variety of Tasks They Can Assist With

In a minute, we’re going to share the wide variety of tasks that a virtual assistant can help you with. This is one of the best benefits of a virtual assistant, and literally, any business owner in any industry will benefit from hiring one. Think about the things that you hate doing each day, and imagine never having to do them ever again. You’ll take back control of your time and energy and stop wasting your time on things you don’t enjoy doing. Many virtual assistants offer general services, but you can also hire one that is a specialist in your field or in the task you need doing. Our list today includes many of the top ways in which a virtual assistant can help you, but there’s really no limit to what they can assist you with.

When most Course Creators hear about a Virtual Assistant and all the benefits involved, they jump at hiring one because it sounds like a dream deal! 

But… Once they hire the Virtual Assistant, they are not sure what tasks the Virtual Assistant should be doing. 

And for that reason, we created the following list of ideas… 

Note: This is not an extensive list and every single thing a VA can and should do but just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The below tasks are also assuming you have a Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Profile, YouTube account, Pinterest account and a Podcast.

Your Facebook Group

  1. Adding/welcoming new members to the group
  2. Post Engagement questions
  3. Interacting with the members posts
  4. Promote your freebie’s, course specials, and other marketing links
  5. Send Dms to members to introduce themselves into the group
  6. Book sales consultations with interested members
  7. Inviting new people to join the group

Facebook Page Moderation

  1. Content Creation 
  2. Uploading content to FB Page
  3. Replying to Messages
  4. Interacting to comments
  5. Creating Page Stories

Instagram handling

  1. Creating Content 
  2. Posting Content
  3. Hashtag Research
  4. Replying to comments and other engagements
  5. Welcoming new followers
  6. Following up DMs
  7. Following other IG accounts
  8. Editing of Video for IGTV
  9. Uploading to IGTV or Reels
  10. Promotion to IGStories
  11. Engagement to other IG profiles
  12. Outreach to new accounts 

Youtube Moderation

  1. Editing of Videos 
  2. Uploading of creative content to YouTube Account
  3. Creation of unique thumbnail
  4. Writing Episode caption/description and copy for promotion
  5. Research for keywords

Pinterest Management

  1. Creation of Pins
  2. Uploading them to Pinterest account
  3. Research of optimized keywords
  4. creation of keyword optimized boards

Podcast Management

  1. Getting your Podcast connected to the big players Apple, Spotify and Google
  2. Creating your Podcast artwork 
  3. Outsourcing your intro / outro for your podcast
  4. Editing your podcast after you record it
  5. Uploading your podcast to your player 
  6. Writing the description and show notes for the podcast
  7.  Informing your guest that their episode is live and giving them the link to share
  8. Creating graphics / snippets to post on FB / IG etc
  9. Uploading Podcast with YouTube  

Now coming with potential tasks is one thing, but training and managing a Virtual Assistant is another thing! That’s probably too much detail to go into for this blog but… At the Course Creator Community we actually have a course that covers exactly how we do this. Message for the Course Details now!

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