Building Funnels for Business- Do I Need This? -

Building Funnels for Business- Do I Need This?

Ultimate question: Building Funnels for Business- Do I Need This?

Well, who here is paying for a funnel building system?

Do you also pay for an email automation system as well?

Are you properly utilising all that these sites have to offer?

So let me get into this with you.

I have seen so many of my friends get sold into a funnel site and build one funnel that does not really work that well, and they are paying $97US each month for the privilege. 

Then they find another software system I won’t name them, but I know they pay $49 to be able to send and automate their emails with a CRM system.

So in total, they are paying $150 US for just these 2 pieces of software.

Now, if you are just starting out, paying monthly for all these different pieces of software really add up and drain your resources.

And let me tell you most of the time you get recommend these pieces of software by what you think are nice people helping you with good intentions, but they are really just after a sale as they are affiliates to these products, and they get a nice little commission check every month you are using the software. OUCH!

But let’s face it, if you are going to be an online business, you are going to need to be able to send emails, and build at least a landing page to help promote what ever you are selling.

I have put together a training that shows you how to use a system for free that will do a range of things, and honestly you do not need a lot of the bells and whistles these guys sell you. They add things to justify their pricing and make improvements, but basics get the job done.

I use this exact system myself  and have done for years and I have owned a digital agency and I paid top dollar for a range of software that I really did not need to.

So what is this magic software, well it is well known it’s reliable and it has one of the best delivery rates for emails in the world, and is always highly recommended.

So let’s get in and look at what most business really need to run their business.

Now again this might be controversial as some people say you do not need a website. But let me ask you, when you see a new business, do you check them out? I know I do, and the first places I go are their Facebook and website to see who they are and what they do.

Now let me tell you why having a Website really matters, there are people online that just have a Facebook site set up, have you seen how many sites get hacked or shut down for something that they have no idea happened. I personally lost my profile last year, through a double opt-in problem.

As I used to run an ad agency we had to use double opt-in for security, which is great when you have the app in your phone but when the phone looses the app, and you go to log in and the app’s not there and when you re-install the app, and it says sync it with Facebook, but you can’t because Facebook wants to send the number to the APP you have nowhere to go but around in circles.

Yes, I spent a month talking to people several times to my FB rep, and they said as a privacy issue they could not enter my account and uncheck the double opt-in for me to fix the problem. Their response start a new profile.

Eight years of work lost in a moment, so let me say again relying on Facebook or any social media as your base for your business is a bad decision.

What else do we need to get us started, I strongly suggest that as soon as you get online you start collecting email addresses. To do this you need an email automation system, this will allow you to build a form to collect and send the mail to a folder that then allows you to automate a response to those people.

Now we can get into promoting yourself once we have the basics set up, this is where you get into a minefield of different pieces of software that all do similar style things and all want on average $97 PLUS per month.

This is where my cost savings come in for you. Remember that website we build that people tell you not to do, as you don’t need it. You can build a landing page straight from your site. BOOM, it already has your domain address on it and this is what I use in my business.

What else do we require? Well you could look at a bookkeeping software, but unless you are making a lot of money an Excel spreadsheet will do just fine.

You could sign up for an appointment software, there are a few around and some have a free option.

I highly recommend signing up for Canva to help with your artwork  as it has so many great features, I pay for the pro version it’s not expensive and well worth it.

There are video recording and editing pieces of software I bought one on a lifetime deal and recently paid to upgrade it, so that is not a big expense and well worth the investment.

I also signed up for a video production suite called wave again I paid yearly, and I am able to add videos together from bits and pieces add photos and for me as I do not use the editing suite of the other piece I have it’s much easier to use and makes a cool little video with effects.

Now you can go crazy with all sorts of software and apps that make your life easier like Trello and the such, but I am more into the marketing side of things. I did not even touch on course creation sites as,  but hey, if that’s of interest to you, I know a great free one you can use that has a marketplace as well.

If you want to know more about how you can set up your whole process using free software that works, please get in contact with me.

Enjoy the journey!

If you have any questions…

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