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How to remove Clickfunnels Badge?

All Clickfunnels users will agree that sometimes having that Clickfunnels badge doesn’t look good on your funnels and pages. Now there are two ways on how to remove Clickfunnels badge

A. General settings

  • You can use this step to hide the Clickfunnels badge on ALL of your pages. 
  • 1. Simply go to your dashboard
How to remove Clickfunnels Badge
  • 2. Find your avatar in the upper-right corner.
How to remove Clickfunnels Badge
  • 3. Click the “Account Settings” Tab. 
How to remove Clickfunnels Badge
  • 4. When you click this Tab, you will then need to scroll down and find the “Affiliate Settings” 
How to remove Clickfunnels Badge
  • 5. By default, the toggle is set by Clickfunnel as ‘ON’. You can now Toggle on or off the “Clickfunnels Affiliate Badge” 

Note that once you toggle off, this setting will be applied to all your future funnels and pages.

B. Hide on each funnels and pages

Now the other way on how to remove Clickfunnels Badge is if you want to hide the Badge on specific funnels only.

  1. Simply go to the funnel that you want to customize and click the Funnel Name.
How to remove Clickfunnels Badge

2. Choose the page that you want to edit (Opt in, Order Confirmation, Thank you Page, etc)

How to remove Clickfunnels Badge

3. On the desired page, click the ‘Edit Page’ button. You will then be redirected to the Editor Page.

4. On the upper left, you will see the Settings- and under this is the ‘General’ Tab.

5. After Clicking the ‘General’ tab, a side bar will appear on the right side of your page.

6. Click the ‘Affiliate Badge’ and choose between “Show” or “Hide” the Affiliate Badge

7. Make sure to click the SAVE button in the upper right side of the Editor Page.

Note: Repeat this process if you want to change the settings of specific funnels or pages

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