Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels Review for Course Creators 

Clickfunnels is one of the most popular online sales funnel tools in the world, allowing users to design stunning sales pages that turn visitors into leads and paying customers fast and easily. No prior knowledge of technology, design, or coding is required. Hundreds of ready-to-use templates are at your disposal. Alternatively, you can create your own funnels. Clickfunnels includes training, tutorials, and seamless connection with 3rd-party apps, email, and payment systems. In addition, you can also do course hosting in this platform.

What It’s Like to Create and Host an Online Course on ClickFunnels?

There are a variety of course hosting systems available. While ClickFunnels isn’t perfect, it does stand out as an all-in-one marketing solution that can be used to market, sell, and grow your entire online business.

This platform allows you to do a variety of activities, including hosting courses.

The thing is:

If you intend to generate and sell an information product (eBook, course, membership access, etc. ) – it is of your great benefit to have all the necessary tech requirements needed for:

  • Building landing and sales pages
  • Shopping/Checkout cart software
  • Upselling, downselling, and order bumps
  • Filming your course
  • Graphics and designs
  • Web domain and hosting
  • Email autoresponder and automation system
  • Affiliate tracking and manager (if you need affiliates for promotion)
  • The membership area itself
  • Video hosting

There are also plenty of other marketing tools and features.

Not to mention course templates that have already been created. To relieve you of the worry of making one from scratch while also saving you a significant amount of time.

Most infopreneurs become intimidated by all of the above tech jargon since linking it all together to work as a comprehensive system would cost a lot of money.

Now guess what? Not anymore.

All of that changed with the invention of sales funnel builders. ClickFunnels was created with this objective in mind.

With over 100k clients and 7 million+ funnels – many of which are online course creators.

All of these tools are built-in to the ClickFunnels sales funnel software system, so you can focus on growing your business.

Creators are coaching on:

  • Video
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Spirituality
  • Health & Fitness
  • Leadership
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Writing
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship & Sex
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Beauty
  • Art & Design

Clickfunnels Features:

The best part about ClickFunnels’ features is how user-friendly they are.

With their simple tools, you may develop a full sales platform even if you don’t know how to code or design a website.

The unique ClickFunnels features are: 

  1. Drag-and-drop Builder

ClickFunnels features a drag-and-drop site-building capability for quick webpage construction.

Users can drag tabs and columns to their desired locations using this functionality. As a consequence, the user receives a fully customized landing page that is tailored to their brand and business.

Color adjustment, padding adjustment, and custom CSS are among the many customization options.

This offers the user complete control over their page, allowing for even more personalization.

  1. Sales Funnels Builder

Entrepreneurs may use the smart funnels builder to develop marketing funnels because it includes all of the necessary tools and stages.

The creation of these sales funnels facilitates the generation of leads and the conversion of those leads into paying customers.

ClickFunnels also has a number of pre-built sales funnel templates that you may use.

Funnel templates include:

  • Survey
  • Membership
  • Webinar
  • Sales Letters
  • Daily Deal
  • Application
  • Lead Magnet
  • Bridge
  •  Squeeze Page
  1. Follow-Up Funnels

ClickFunnels makes it simple to follow up with someone who has submitted their contact information for additional conversation. It’s a tool that lets users make basic yet effective follow-up funnels.

E-mail autoresponders and senders aren’t the only components of a follow-up funnel.

You can fully modify this feature to send customized messages to individual consumers based on the data it collects.

  1. Backpack and Affiliate Programs

The backpack function was designed by ClickFunnels because affiliate traffic is the best form of traffic that any business can generate. You can rapidly establish an affiliate program to any of your sales funnels using this tool.

Set and configure your commission plan, add affiliate types, and establish a two-tier affiliate network using the Backpack function.

A quick strategy to boost your online sales while your affiliates work on further marketing.

  1. E-mail Marketing Automation

ClickFunnels has designed a fully automated e-mail marketing solution to keep communication open.

You can create e-mail sequences using the “Automation Tab” within your sales funnel. Custom subject lines, name additions, SMTP configuration, and scheduling are all possible with this functionality.

Users can also choose from a variety of pre-designed e-mail templates.

  1. One-Click Upsells and Downsells

ClickFunnels has an upsells and downsells function that you can use to raise the value of your basket and create more revenue. Before checking out, you can add additional pages that recommend add-on purchases.

Suggestions are tailored to the contents of the shopping cart.

When the customer doesn’t want the upsell, the downsells function offers one-time discounts and offers, resulting in a bigger revenue.

  1. Membership Areas

This is a fantastic tool that aids with customer service. The Membership Areas feature allows you to create a page that is only accessible to members.

After subscribing to become a member, members can create a login. Members have access to exclusive posted content, training materials, and special deals or discounts through this site.

Membership areas are a fantastic way to create a community and boost interaction, and they also make it possible to conduct courses.

  1. Check-Out and Order Forms

This feature allows users to construct a simple check-out form to reduce cart abandonment. This functionality allows you to record lead information in two distinct ways:

  1. Fill-in form in the style of a traditional order
  2. A unique two-step order form

You have the opportunity to add the lead to your e-mail registration list for future marketing e-mails and cart abandonment reminders before they go forever.

9.  Click Opt-In 

Creating opt-in pages is an excellent method to collect visitor contact information. Add a customised one-click opt-in page to encourage visitors to sign up.

When you want to stay in touch with leads by sharing future marketing materials, this is a terrific technique to use.

10. A/B Split Tests

To improve sales and conversions, you must continually experiment with new marketing approaches and strategies.

The A/B Split Tests tool in ClickFunnels allows you to test conversions for two different page configurations.

This feature allows you to compare different page layouts and sales funnels side by side.

After some time has passed, you can select the finest alternative for conversions.

11. Statistics Dashboard

In a firm, gathering sales and traffic information is critical. Accurate and detailed statistics and data will aid you in fine-tuning your marketing plan in order to expand your reach even more.

The ClickFunnels statistics dashboard is a tool that collects all of your data and information for you.

It will provide you with information on traffic, backdoor routes, business methods, sales, conversion rates, and the most effective funnels.

12. FunnelFlix

Only ClickFunnels Platinum plan subscribers have access to FunnelFlix.

Platinum members have free access to a series of training videos and courses.

Experts and industry insiders have compiled important data that you may utilize to grow your company.

13. Integrations

ClickFunnels allows you to connect to various applications in order to optimize your site and business.

Here’s a rundown of some of the integrations that can be used with the platform:

  • Infusionsoft
  • Interspire
  • Mailchimp
  • Slybroadcast
  • Zapier
  • Youzign
  • ZenDirect
  • Actionetics
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • Facebook
  • HubSpot
  • HTML Form
  • GVO PureLeverage

ClickFunnels Extra Features:

You can never have too much support when it comes to creating sales funnels and putting together a great website.

Even while ClickFunnels’ plans include a lot of useful features, the platform also includes a lot of extras that will make your ClickFunnels experience even better.

For activities like copywriting, these extra and additional capabilities can be used to substitute task outsourcing.

It will also help you save tens of thousands of dollars on outside training and courses.

  1. Funnel Scripts

The funnel scripts function comes in handy whether you need to compose a sales letter, a funnel headline, or an ad post.

Jim Edwards, an accomplished copywriter and developer, built the software. It takes care of and automates all of your copywriting requirements.

You’ll need to sign up for a Funnel Scripts account to use this extra functionality.

Following your payment and registration, you will be given a unique username and password that will grant you access to Funnel Scripts.

  1. OFA Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge, or OFA, is a jumpstart tool that assists new entrepreneurs in creating funnels.

It’s the ideal add-on for rookies who have never developed a sales funnel before and are having trouble getting started.

Users that are interested in becoming members can do so here. Members will get access to a daily challenge, mission training, affiliate boot camps, and bonuses after registering.

  1. OFA Platinum Bundle

The Platinum Bundle from One Funnel Away is a product created by the platform.

This package provides customers with access to a variety of premium training materials and products for a total of $13,464.

The bundle includes:

  • Expert ClickFunnels coaching for 30 days
  • Kit for the OFA Challenge
  • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan access for six months
  • Onboarding with a white glove service
  • Access to live-streamed training and seminars as a bonus
  1. Books and Training Materials

ClickFunnels wants its members to be successful in their business endeavors. The platform allows for complete transparency when it comes to sharing information, marketing techniques, and trade secrets.

Free lesson videos and instructional blogs abound on the platform. Russell Brunson, one of the company’s co-founders, maintains a YouTube channel with a number of free video courses and industry-secret videos.

Additional resources include the books Expert Secrets, Network Marketing Secrets, Operation Toussaint, and DotCom Secrets.

How to Build Your Online Course on ClickFunnels?

The front-end aspects of your online course, such as the sales website where you’ll advertise and sell your course, the webinar registration page, order/checkout page, upsell/downsell page, and thank you page, are all simple to create.

Here are the steps on building your online membership or course with ClickFunnels:

  1. From the dashboard of your ClickFunnels account, select Build Funnel:
  1. Select a Product to Sell:
  1. Choose from Sales Funnel to sell your items after gathering leads on a squeeze page, Product Launch to sell in a launch sequence, or Membership Site to offer your knowledge.

Choose Membership:

  1. Give your membership or online course funnel a name.
  1. When we click the Build button, we’ll be taken through the process of customizing your online course.
  2. The membership access templates are available to view. You can choose one or preview several and then customize them in the Etison editor (Edit page).

Everything in the ClickFunnels online course builder appears to be quite basic and easy to navigate without any technical knowledge.

Is ClickFunnels a Simple To Use Software?

Clickfunnels has definitely worked hard to make the platform easy to use as one of the first drag-and-drop funnel builders.

Any non-techie may use the front-end builder because it is quick and intuitive.

Although the backend is typically easy to use, it does have a clustering feel to it at times, owing to the company’s evident efforts to push cross-selling and other items.

Some of the more advanced features will almost certainly necessitate some technical knowledge of basic website builders, but as previously stated, anyone can use it and do it successfully!

On the front end, Clickfunnels is incredibly user-friendly, and you have complete control over how they interact with your site (and funnels).

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels eliminates the need for a slew of third-party solutions to sell your digital products. Monthly tools that can cost several hundreds of dollars.

However, it would be a stretch to call Clickfunnels inexpensive:

Clickfunnels is not overpriced and is reasonably competitive, but since you’ll also need a suitable course hosting platform, it’s not easy on a course creator’s budget, especially if you’re just getting started.

However, because it is a highly scalable platform, it is likely a technology you won’t outgrow and can use now, knowing it will be part of your tech stack in the future.

Clickfunnels’ Pros and Cons:


  • Clickfunnels is simple to understand and utilize (it has a small learning curve).
  • For desktop and mobile devices, it includes a good visual drag and drop editor.
  • All types of pages are created using the drag and drop editor.
  • It’s simple to build up lead generation funnels, and every email address (along with other contact information) is saved in both your account and your email service provider’s database.
  • Create funnels quickly and easily, then share them with everyone.
  • It makes it simple to set up A/B testing to boost conversion rates.
  • For people offering information items, you can design a membership site with an excellent members area user experience.
  • They provide a 14-day free trial to allow you to try out their tools.
  • Their goal is to assist business owners in increasing their profits by keeping things easy.


  • The Cost 

The two monthly pricing options are $97 and $297. Although this appears to be pricey, when compared to rival prices, it is actually rather reasonable.

Unbounce, for example, started at $99 per month last year and just featured a landing page builder, whereas Clickfunnels included cart pages, bump offers, and sophisticated funnel capabilities.

The price of Clickfunnels may be a deterrent for some. In the following part, we’ll go through Clickfunnels pricing in further depth.

  • Some people find it too simplistic.

You can detect the difference between Clickfunnels and a WordPress plugin landing page software by comparing them.

However, keep in mind that Clickfunnels is not for techies. The page builder is popular since it is designed for folks who aren’t online savvy.

Simplicity is effective. Clickfunnels provides all of the resources in one place, including page templates, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to create up funnels.

  • Software Downtime

The Clickfunnels software occasionally goes down for maintenance. The downtime might last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, and the CF community is outraged — and understandably so.

Any software, let alone a sales funnel software with numerous tools packed together, will have technical glitches and problems, but they’re no pleasure for anyone.

The worst-case scenario is that paid traffic website visitors arrive at one of your funnels and are unable to complete the checkout process because Clickfunnels is unavailable (your funnel page will not load during downtime). This, too, is an unusual occurrence.

  • The Cult-ure

The Clickfunnels cult is more of an indirect con towards their backend marketing than a straight con.

They have a fantastic marketing team that will continue to promote you useful items such as books, webinars, and the next Russell Brunson product.

More marketing, for the uninitiated new Clickfunnels user, might be a disadvantage because it diverts attention away from the business owner’s primary purpose of constructing a sales funnel.


ClickFunnels includes all of the tools and functionality that both new and experienced internet entrepreneurs require to grow their enterprises.

With the help of the sales funnel construction tools, drag-and-drop page building features, and many integrations, anyone can design a winning site.

The three programs available are suitable for companies of all sizes. Creating customized funnels and marketing plans can help you achieve a wide range of sales objectives.

Additionally, ClickFunnels provides additional training resources and support to assist you during the process.

If you’re a new online business owner or have been in business for years and are just starting to use sales funnels to sell your products and services online, the Clickfunnels team has created a trustworthy program you’ll love.

Clickfunnels is a powerful tool for building sales funnels and is an all-in-one solution.

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