Done For You Course Creation

Have you got an idea for an online course but either don’t have the time or the technical expertise to create it? You might want to check out our Done for you Course Creation / Done for You Courses service.

How it works

Step 1: We assess your Course idea

Step 2: We position your course in the market

Step 3: We help you create a Course Outline

Step 4: We select an appropriate Course platform to host your course on 

Step 5: We brand your course hosting platform

Step 6: We complete the technical set up of your course hosting platform

Step 7: We input your course content

Step 8: We write and design your course sales page

Step 9: We create a launch plan

Step 10: We set up your payment integrations

Step 11: We set up your email automation sequences

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Who Is Done For You Course Creation for?

There’s two types of people who could benefit from this service. 


Person 1: New to the Online World

If you’re new to the online world, Course Creation can be quite overwhelming, what platform should you use? How long should the course be? How do I market it? Do I need a website? How do people pay? What emails do I send? 

When you’re overwhelmed, the project ends up taking 10 times longer than it should. Instead of getting everything done in a month or two, it’s going to take you a year or two and even then you won’t be confident. 

Our team are experts in this space (just like you’re an expert in what you do) so you can outsource all the ‘tech’ stuff to us and you just focus on actually collating your information. 

Person 2: Time Poor

If you’re pretty tech savvy, you could definitely figure out the whole ‘Online Course’ world yourself. It would just take reading a few blogs, watching a few YouTube videos, joining some Facebook Groups etc etc… but that stuff takes time. 

On top of that, once you’ve figured out the Online Course world, then you actually need to do the work… Create the sales page, integrate the payment gateways, upload the course content, brand your course platform etc etc

If you’ve got the time and you enjoy that type of work, then you may as well do it on your own but if you don’t have the time you’re best off outsourcing the work or chances are, you’ll never get it done.

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