Email Marketing Course(s)

Email marketing is an ESSENTIAL tool for online course creators to reach their target audience, build relationships, promote their courses, and drive sales. Taking a course on email marketing will provide online course creators with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to effectively utilize email as a marketing tool, which can lead to increased engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Email Marketing Course(s)

Our recommended Email Marketing is the “Email Marketing Membership” run by Liz Wilcox.

Liz membership includes

– Weekly Newsletter Templates (you can plug and play)

– Monthly Live Coaching Calls / Q and A

– Email Foundation Trainings

– Guest Expert Sessions!

All for just $9 a month! 

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About the Presenter - Liz Wilcox

Aside from late 90s pop culture trivia, Liz knows a lot about two things: 1) how to write a newsletter real quick. 2) how to get people on your list to buy your stuff.

As a result of these 2 things, Liz now runs a membership teaching course creators how to make money via Email. Liz has over 2,700 members in this membership!

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