Fast beats Free

A lot of us are going to find ourselves in markets where there’s a heap of free stuff out there…

So you may be thinking… “Why would someone pay for my course if they can Google / YouTube the answer for free”…

Well here’s the thing… There’s ALWAYS going to be people that are going to pay money to get a FASTER result… even though they know they could get it for free if they just waited…


  • You can wait in line forever at the DMV for free… or you can PAY $50 to skip the line and get your license renewed privately… to save time…
  • You can walk to a location for free… or you can PAY for an Uber… to save time
  • You can buy a book on Amazon and get it shipped for free… or you can PAY more and get it the next day… to save time..

There’s always going to be people that ONLY go for the free option (not your ideal customer)… and there’s always going to people that ONLY go for the fast option (your perfect customer… but they are few and far between)…

And then there’s a heap of people in the middle that could be either way… And the lever for these people is often “pain”…

For example… I’m a huge reader and I order 4-5 books at a time… so I never pay Amazon for the fast shipping option… because i’ve always got something to read so there’s no urgency…

However… I haven’t bought my mum’s X-Mas present yet… so i’ll pay whatever fee they tell me to make sure it gets here before X-Mas… even though I know I could “get it for free” if I just waited…

So bottom line…

“If you find yourself in a market competing against free – double down on speed !” (Alex Hormozi)

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