High Ticket Coaching is for experts not good enough yet to master the art of online courses

Now i’m being a little cheeky here… n purposely ’embellishing’ the statement for attention / marketing purposes…

Plus, some of my best friends are high ticket coaches (& are in this Group)… and I do a lil bit of it myself… it’s a great service and definitely got it’s place…


If we’re talking about revenue / business model… Online Courses are a WAAAAAAYYY better option for the Expert than High Ticket coaching…

If you’re selling 1 on 1 high ticket coaching… yeah the ‘ticket’ is higher per client… but every new client you get is extra work for you… sooner or later you’re gonna run out of “tickets”…

Yeah your books will be full & you’re making decent money… but you’re gonna be so busy doing your coaching calls you’re not gonna have the time to grow your business… Or you’re not gonna have a life 🤣

On the flip side… If you’re selling online courses… yeah the ‘ticket’ is lower… but it’s impossible to run out of time!!! You can literally sell infinity courses… because after you sell the course you have to do absolutely zero fullfillment work!

Now because you have to spend absolutely zero minutes of your life on fulfilment… you can spend 100% of your time on actually growing your business…

Now don’t get me wrong… i’m not rubbish-ing high ticket…

It has it’s place… there’s some great advantages to it… especially if you’re just starting off… N I get it “a lot people are gonna buy an online course and not do it… yada yada yada”

I’m just saying… As a business model… long term… the Online Course business model is a better one than the High Ticket coaching 🙂

It’s like any business model

  • Teaching 1 to 1 is the worst business model
  • Teaching 1 to many is a better business model
  • Teaching while not even being there is the best business model

So my opinion… if you want to make the most money and spend the least time working… Sooner or later – Online Courses are your go 

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