How an Online Soccer Course generates over $70K Month with Oscar Garcia

How an Online Soccer Course generates over $70K Month with Oscar Garcia

Who is Oscar Garcia

Oscar’s career is different from a typical content creator. At first, he did not have any course of his own to sell. But what he did was work with clients who had online courses and helped them to drive traffic towards them via Facebook, YouTube, and Google ads for seven years. Being good at his field, Oscar is able to convert said traffic into a low ticket sales funnel for his clients. At the same time, he has helped these course creators scale their businesses by making high ticket offers.

Online Soccer Course

How did the Soccer Training Course become the key?

A friend back from college, who has been a strength and conditioning coach for the last 20 years, approached him with an idea where he wanted to make a P90X workout but for soccer. This essentially gave the soccer players the ability to train even while in the comfort of their homes and still get outstanding results.

By this time, Oscar was ready to start a new chapter in his life and decided to move in with his friend and started to figure out how to make this course work. However, it was not always easy as they both decided on this project from scratch – all they had was a logo. Eight months, maxed out credit cards, a few kilos of gained weight, and a lot of trial and errors later, they are able to build a six-figure business. And, within two years, they are making half a million dollars of profit.

Additionally, Oscar even shared that before all the success they are experiencing right now, his first funnel landing page was only able to convert three percent of the traffic. And after several split tests, they are now able to convert around 30 percent of the traffic. Now, the business has come to a point where it is only running one ad at one time for two years straight but is still able to constantly produce results. Oscar even added that on a good month, it generates 70,000 USD of revenue.

How does the course work and how did it evolve?

After they figured out the best strategy to make their funnel work, basically what Oscar and his friend did was they were sending people to opt in from a Facebook ad that advertises a free workout. After that, users are offered a low ticket sale. After that, users are then given a high ticket upsell. According to Oscar, they were able to convert 30-70% on low ticket sales and a 25% conversion on the high ticket upsells. This is still running as of this moment with a few modifications here and there.

Speaking of modifications, Oscar mentioned that along the way they also added a survey on the emails they were sending their members. From there, they can pick new ideas straight from the members themselves if they want to make a new training program. All in all years later it is still pretty simple compared to how it all started.

Earnings, cost per lead

Before iOS 14, Oscar shared that they were earning five to nine dollars for every dollar they spent on ads. Because of this, they were able to quickly scale. Additionally, they learned that when it comes to this strategy, spending more will make you earn more – which is quite hard to fathom especially for someone who is just starting.

However, after iOS 14, they changed their methods by using videos instead plus other processes that required more work and cost. Now, they are earning 4 dollars per dollar spent which is still good all things considered.

Also, their cost per lead right now is 2.50 USD. Their average order value is around 75 USD and their cost per purchase is around 25 USD.

Now some of you might get discouraged with the amount of money they had to spend to get results – Oscar mentioned that by using ads, you can test your offer faster, you are able to adapt faster, and make quick changes to get to the end result faster.

Organic vs Facebook Ads

According to Oscar, it’s a 50/50 split and mentioned that you should always find a balance between the two. When building organically in social media, the only way to do it is to engage. However, it is a slow process. So, Oscar believes that if you have a product that you are sure will help people, you should put some money behind it.

Does that mean, you should rely on and only have funnels? Oscar say no. He says that having other ways to build your clientele is essential like making a blog that is disguised as an advertisement and promoting it on Facebook. From that blog post alone, they were able to generate and build their list up.

Oscar concludes that it does not matter much if you want to go organic or paid, he believes that at the very core you need to have your sales funnel in place, and figure out effective and creative ways of bringing people into your funnel.

What tools does Oscar use?

This might rub people the wrong way but he is not a fan of all-in-one system. That means he uses a ton of tools that he makes the way he wants it to work. Oscar said that he uses WordPress to run the sites and for the funnels, he uses Thrive Themes. For upsells, he uses Thrive Carts and Active Campaign for email automation. In managing courses, he uses Memberium and a combination of Buddyboss and Learndash for the courses itself.

Oscar’s Mentors

  • Paid – Todd Brown: Approaches marketing to a high-level point of view but gives you the how-to on how to actually approach a lot of different things.
  • Free – Patrick Bet David: He has a channel called Valuetainment. Oscar loves how he brings people on and even compared his show to Joe Rogan’s but is more leaning towards a more business standpoint.
  • Book – “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing”: It is about the failure of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton, in its attempt to cross the Antarctic continent in 1914. It’s an amazing story about endurance, survival – and an amazing story of perseverance. It’s a book that brings Oscar to tears when reading it and he100% recommend it.

Oscar’s Final words:

Online Soccer Course

“Wherever you are in your business, if you’re a course creator or thinking about making one, definitely follow Jono because what he says is on point. AND TAKE ACTION because there are people out there who need your solution and it’s just a matter of you figuring out your system…”







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