How Deasha made $23K in her very first online course launch

How Deasha made $23K in her very first online course launch

In this episode of the Course Creator Community Podcast,  Jono interviews Deasha Waddup. Deasha is a Social Media and Business Coach at Socia Treats. She helps online business entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and make more sales organically.

Listen here: How Deasha made $23K in her very first online course launch

Along with the Podcast Interview- here’s a brief summary of what Deasha does!

What is it that you do / what is your course about? (don’t be shy – give it a plug)!

Help Online Coaches and Consultants scale to 5-figure months with Facebook groups.

How did you get into being an online course provider / how did your business start?

I started as a social media manager in 2016 and transitioned to coaching in 2019 and launched my first course in 2020.

Why is your course/membership better or different than the other solutions/courses out there?

I have a course and membership now and it is different because I give coaching in all of my programs so even if you sign up to the cheapest course I sell, you get a monthly group coaching call with me to help you stay on track and guide you through the process.

What does your software stack look like? (what course platform do you use, email marketing software etc)

ActiveCampaign, Membervault, Dubsado,

What price point is your course/membership?

My course is $597 Payment in Full and my membership is $4970 for 12 months payment in full

What sort of revenue are you generating at the moment (from your course/membership)?

10k per month with launches that take it higher on occasion.

What’s your major source of traffic / where do your leads come from / how do people first find out about you?

From my Facebook group, I lead everyone to my Facebook group from anywhere I meet them in the online space.

What’s your sales process / how do you convert your followers/leads into paying customers/clients?

My Facebook Group converts people for me, I have a strategy in my group to build know, love and trust and then DM’s to build a relationship and sell.

Knowing what you know now if you could go back to when you first started, what would you do differently?

Increase my prices earlier and value myself higher.

What is the best course/coaching program you’ve taken that helped you get to the stage you’re currently at?

Each coaching program stacks on the last, there isn’t one that has helped me significantly over another, each has given me something that has helped me to move forward.

What is your #1 book recommendation for Course Creators?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was the book that changed my life and had me building a business rather than a self-employed job and building investments for long-term wealth.

Who is your favorite person to follow on social media when it comes to online business advice 

I don’t know that I have a person, Social Media Examiner is brilliant for all things social, as is the Creators account on Instagram.

If people want to find out more about you, where should they go?

My Facebook Group 😀

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