How Long Does It Take To Develop An Online Course?

If it’s your first time creating an online course, you are no doubt wondering how much time and effort you will have to commit to this task. Today I’m going to share some of the key factors that impact creating an online course and answer the question, how long does it take to develop an online course?

How Long Does It Take To Create An Online Course?

As with any project, there are many factors that impact the time and resources involved in creating a course. The length and the number of modules in your course will play a huge part in the time needed but expect to spend between 25 and 500 hours creating an online course. If you are starting off with a mini-course, you could create four to five videos in a few days. A more in-depth course that will become your flagship offering could easily take a month or two to create. Let’s take a look at the key areas where you’ll spend time developing your course, so you can create an accurate estimate for how much time you need to dedicate to this task.

Course Research

When I’m asked the question, how long does it take to develop an online course, many people neglect to consider the initial research. If you are already an expert in your field, you probably don’t need to spend much time on this area. However, if it’s a very specialist subject, you might find course research takes the majority of the time. You’ll also need to consider which course platform you are planning to use and start playing around with the style and editing techniques you will use to create your course.

Create a Course Outline

The best way to understand how long your course will take to create is by writing an outline. An online course can be a massive project to undertake, but breaking it down into smaller chunks will feel much more manageable. You’ll also ensure you include everything needed in the course content so that no important modules are forgotten.

The Course Creation Time

The answer to the question, how long does it take to create an online course, will depend on your experience in this area. If you are confident using an online course platform or a ready-made template, you’ll find that you can save a considerable amount of time in this area. Remember, you also need to think about the additional resources you will include with your course, such as PDFs with written information that your participants can refer to.

Uploading Your Course

After all of the hard work of researching and creating your course, make sure you allocate time to uploading your course. If you’ve opted to use an online course platform like Kajabi, you’ll find this to be the quickest part of the process. Make sure you write attractive descriptions which will help to sell your course and attract a wider audience to your business. Don’t rush this part of the process, as no matter how excited you are to launch your course, you’ll need to set yourself up for success when uploading an online course.

As you can see, there are so many factors that come together to answer the question of how long does it take to develop an online course? By creating an outline for your course and allocating a reasonable amount of time to each module, you’ll find that creating a course is easier than you could ever imagine. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to upload your course and share your knowledge with the world.

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