How to Gamify Your Online Course with Tama Lea Lorenzen

How to Gamify Your Online Course with Tama Lea Lorenzen

How to Gamify Your Online Course

Want to know how to Gamify Your Online Course or Membership? Gamification can help create a more engaging learning experience for your students. As kids most of us probably thoughts “playing games” and “studying / learning” were worlds apart! Games were fun and things you WANTED to do because you enjoyed them. Studying / learning were boring and things you HAD to do because your school / parents made you do it. However, these two things don’t need to be mutually exclusive… In fact there’s research out there that shows Gamification can improve the learning experience! 

So if you’re a Course Creator we strongly recommend you learn how to Gamify your Online Course / Membership. In saying that, we want to make sure you Gamify it in the right way – not just throwing a few silly games in there for the sake of it. If you’re looking to learn how to do it properly, Tama-Lea Lorenzen is the master of Gamification! She is the founder of Engaging Gamification teaches course creators how to integrate games into their online courses and even membership sites and Jono from the Course Creator Community was lucky enough to interview her for our podcast.



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Tama also has a freebie “52 Ways to Incorporate Engaging Gamification in your Online Course or Membership. Click the link below for your copy

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