How to Increase your email marketing open rate… Up to 50%

How to Increase your email marketing open rate? I learned this one from the best Email Marketer I know: Liz Wilcox!

I interviewed Liz on my Podcast and she shared a whole heap of BANGING tips on how to increase your Email Open Rate…

And the biggest one was probably this…

In your opening ‘welcome’ sequence… The first obviously email gives your subscriber the freebie they inquired about… Common sense… 


In the second email in your sequence, you should be asking the subscriber to ‘REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL’… asking them a simple question…

e.g. “Did you get yesterday’s freebie?, reply to this email and let me know” or “Quick question, have you already created your course and you’re looking to scale? Or you’re still creating it? Reply to this email and let me know”… 

The reason being… (simple version)… 

All the Email Service Providers (e.g. Gmail) essentially give you a “credit score”… If you send emails and hardly anyone opens, clicks, reply etc… Then the provider is going to give a “bad rating” and chances are any future emails you to send to anyone with a Gmail address… Gmail will make sure your emails always end up in ppl’s ‘junk mail’ instead of their ‘inbox’… 

This is then going to lead to fewer opens, replies, clicks etc… This is going to lead to an even lower score… Which is why with most Marketers… the bigger their list gets… the worst their open rates get… 


If you can get that subscriber to reply to your Email early on in the piece… That Email Service Provider is going to give you a GOOD “credit rating”… and your rating should really get better and better… (providing people actually reply)… 

I think Liz mentioned her email rate is like 48% or something…

Liz obviously does a heap of things to maintain that… it’s not like this is the ONE trick that’s going to guarantee a mean open rate… 

BUT… it’s a simple one that any of us could implement! 

So if you’d like to increase your email open rates and you’re not asking for a ‘reply’ in your Welcome, Email Sequence… Make sure to add it in!!! 

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