How to Remove Inactive Members From a Facebook Group (2021)

Written by Jono Petrohilos from the Course Creator Community

Removing inactive members from a Facebook Group is one of the best things you can do for your Facebook Group! Not only do they take up unnecessary space and play around with your metrics – but they can actually slow the growth of your Facebook Group and here’s why.

The higher the engagement rate in your Facebook Group, the more Facebook is going to suggest that group to other users. The more Facebook suggests your group to other users – the faster your Facebook Group is going to grow. 

For example, let’s say you have two Facebook Groups. Facebook Group A has 900 members and all 900 are active and engaged. Facebook Group B also has 1,000 members however only 900 are active and engaged (100 members are inactive). Facebook will suggest Facebook Group A to more of its users – even though it has fewer members than Facebook Group B. 

So it would be actually an advantage for Facebook Group B to remove their inactive members, it would mean their engagement rate would increase which in turn would help their group numbers increase organically. In fact, many Facebook Group Admin’s have found that engagement in their Facebook Group is their number one strategy for growing their group.

The next question is obviously ‘How do I find these members and remove them?”. Good news is it’s actually really simple! 

Step 1: Open Your Facebook GroupCourse Creator Community 

Step 2: Click the “More” button with the drop-down menu


Step 3: Select “Members”How to Remove Inactive Members From a Facebook Group (2021)


Step 4: Scroll down until you see the option “Unavailable”How to Remove Inactive Members From a Facebook Group (2021)

Now these people could be unavailable for many different reasons, they may have deleted their account, they may be BOTs, they may have been banned from Facebook etc.

Step 5: Select the 3 dots to the right of that person’s name


Step 6: Select “Remove Member”

How to Remove Inactive Members From a Facebook Group (2021)


Step 7: Decide whether you want to also remove their recent activity or block them from the Group (so they can no longer find it)How to Remove Inactive Members From a Facebook Group (2021)


Step 8: Press Confirm


Step 9: Rinse and Repeat 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this in bulk or to do it automatically.

You will need to manually remove each inactive member one by one. The advantage to this, however, is that you can actually screen each inactive member 1 by 1 – there may be someone that you actually don’t want to remove – maybe their Facebook Account became deactivated and they started a new one. In that case, you’d want to know this – connect with their new account and invite them again.

Also if you’re doing this regularly (weekly / monthly) – there’s never going to be a huge amount of inactive members.

Now Facebook is constantly changing its interface so, by the time you read this blog, the process may not be EXACTLY the same as the above, however, it will be something very similar (I’ve been doing some variation of this since 2015).

Now removing inactive members isn’t the ONLY thing you need to do to get more engagement in your Facebook Group. You want to be consistently monitoring your group and implementing engagement strategies. If you’d like more strategies on how to get more engagement in your Facebook Group, I recommend you check out this blog I wrote – “6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Facebook Group Active and Engaged”.

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