How to successfully collaborate with other course creators

How to successfully collaborate with other course creators

I run an online course business “Fitness Education Online”, where we offer something like 40 online courses that Fitness Professionals can take to improve themselves as Personal Trainer.

You may have read that and be thinking… 40 online courses? It’s taken me like 6 months to put one online course together… Jono, how the heck have you got 40 online courses together?

collaborate with other course creators

And here’s the thing…

At least half of those online courses aren’t mine…

Another expert has written the course but allows me to sell it and we split the revenue.

There are two ways we do this, and I’ll break down both ways

Option 1: The course already exists

In this option, the expert already has a course, they’ve already created it, and it’s ready to go, all I need to do is sell it to my audience.

This option is great because

  1. It’s less work for me. I don’t need to help the Course Creator put the course together because it’s already created
  2. It’s easier to find a collaborator this way. I just need to search for courses on the topics that I’m interested in – find a course that fits my criteria and then contact the course creator and ask if they are open for collaboration.

Example of a course I’ve used this system with
Pre Post Natal Personal Training Certification

Option 2: The course does not already exist

In this option, the expert doesn’t already have a course. They are an expert in the subject matter but don’t have a course – they may be a coach, see clients one-on-one or run face-to-face workshops. In this situation, I will then work with the expert to create the course.

This option is a little bit harder than Option 1 because

  1. It’s more work on my behalf because I also need to help the expert create the course
  2. It’s harder to find a collaborator this way because not only do I need to find an expert in the subject matter but I also need to see if they are open to creating an online course

In saying that though, the advantage of this option is that I have more control over the course. As I’m helping the expert create the course, I have more to say about how it looks, what goes in the course etc etc.

Example of a course I’ve used this system with
Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals

How Does The Revenue Split Work

I always use a 50/50 revenue split model – if I’m selling another expert’s course, I’ll ask for a 50/50 split.

If the expert does not yet have a course, they will always accept the 50/50 split because I’m bringing more to the table. Not only am I selling the course for them but I’m also showing them how to create a course and chances are they are probably leveraging off my online course software too.

If the expert does not have a course, they will sometimes ask for a 60/40 split in their favor. Depending on the course, I may or may not accept this. I will usually only accept this if there is work to be done on their end (e.g. marking assessments etc), if the course is 100% online – I will only accept a 50/50 revenue split.

Why Not Just Sell Your Own Courses

I do sell my own online courses too but the advantage here is that I just have so much more content/courses to sell without having to put in any more time on my behalf.

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