How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group 2022

Want to know how to tag everyone in a Facebook Group in 2022? It’s never been easier!

In August 2022, Facebook rolled out a new feature the “@everyone tag”. This allows you to tag everyone in your Group (a max of once per day) and it’s really simple to use( whether you SHOULD use it or not is another question, which we’ll cover later).

How to tag everyone in a Group on Facebook using the @everyone tag

Prerequisites for tagging everyone in a Facebook Group

  1. You need to be an Admin of the Facebook Group
  2. The post needs to be have been made since the @everyone feature was released (you can’t go back and @everyone on an old post)

Providing you fit those criteria, it’s really easy!

You can either make a post and in that post type @everyone or you can make a post and tag @everyone in the comments (see image below).

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That’s it ☺

Should you tag everyone in a Facebook Group using the @everyone tag?

Know that you know how to tag everyone on Facebook, the next question is SHOULD you tag everyone in a Facebook Group using the @everyone tag?

Like anything in life, the answer is never 100% black and white.

It might sound like a good idea in theory, having the opportunity to tag ALL your Group members at the click of a button but there are some drawbacks.

When a Facebook user is tagged by the @everyone tag, they get a notification saying “(insert group admin’s name) tagged you in a Facebook post”. At first glance, it looks like that person tagged you individually, so it’s human nature to head over to that post and see why you were tagged. However when you head over there, you see that the Group admin wasn’t specifically tagging you, they were tagging @everyone.

Personally, I found this a little annoying the first couple of times but now I know the Group Admins that do this and when I see a tag from those Groups, I simply don’t check.

This can become problematic because if that Group Admin actually does want to tag me in something, I’m never going to know because I would assume it’s the @everyone tag and just ignore it.

On top of that, there are some Facebook users that just despise being tagged with the @everyone tag (see image below).

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In saying that, the @everyone tag does have its place. It could be used sparingly in a free group if there really is something that everyone in the Group needs to see (ideally not marketing :p).

It could also be used in regularly in a “paid” Group. For example, when I was a Personal Trainer and ran a fitness boot camp, I would
Make a post in our closed Facebook Group every Sunday with the schedule for the week
Copy that URL
Send a text message to all my clients with that URL and ask them to have a read and comment on which sessions they were attending

If I had the @everyone tag back then, it would have been a lot easier than the above and probably easier and less intrusive for my clients than a text message. On top of that, they would be getting tagged the same time and day every week (Sunday night), so they would know “oh Sunday night tag by Jono, the schedule must be up, I’ll check it when I’m ready”.

Why can’t I tag everyone on Facebook with the @everyone?
As the @everyone feature is new, it is still being tested by Facebook. At the time of writing this blog, not every Group has access to the @everyone tag. On top of that, not every person has access to the @everyone tag.

For example in one of my Fitness based Facebook Groups, my admin is able to use the @everyone post, however, I can’t. My guess is because my admin is a lot more active in that group than I am.

On top of that, in another Group I’m in, I’m able to use the @everyone tag on my phone but it won’t work on my Macbook.

So if you don’t currently have the feature available, I would first recommend trying it on both your phone and your laptop. If that still doesn’t work, then just focus on being active in your Group – both making posts yourself and replying to Group members’ posts, and sooner rather than later, you’ll be able


That’s how to tag everyone in a Facebook Group using the @everyone tag.

There are advantages and disadvantages and how you use it depends on you, your personality, your Group, your members and the culture you want in your Group.

If you’d like to see how I use the feature, feel free to join my Facebook Group

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