Kelly Noble Mirabella: How to use Facebook Bots to sell more courses

Kelly Noble Mirabella: How to use Facebook BOTS to sell more online courses

Kelly Noble Mirabella is an internationally sought after Messenger Marketing trainer, consultant and builder. She is the creator of Baby Got Bot and the owner of Stellar Media Marketing. She has worked with such clients as ManyChat, Kerwin Rae, and AgoraPulse and has helped countless professionals get their bot-building to the next level. Before discovering Chat Marketing, Kelly had an action-packed 10 year career in social media marketing which attributes to her vast knowledge of not only digital marketing but also running a successful bootstrapped business.

Over the past 14 years, Kelly has helped teach and mentor digital marketers, REALTORS, entrepreneurs, and professionals across various industries to not only use the digital marketing tools and platforms available today but also in the starting and running of new entrepreneurial adventures. Kelly’s depth of knowledge is well known in the industry and some have even joked that she is like a digital marketing encyclopaedia

In this episode Kelly Noble talks all about Facebook Messenger Bots (specifically ManyChat) and how Course Creators can use them to sell more of their online courses.

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