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How to use SEO to select your course topic

As you might be aware, along with running the Course Creator Community, I also run a completely different online course business – Fitness Education Online, where I run professional development courses for Fitness Professionals / Personal Trainers. 

Now I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2004 so there’s quite a lot of things I can teach and I always release a few new courses a year based on what I’m interested in and what questions I see going around my Facebook Group. 

This month however I thought I would do something different and select what course I was going to create by using “SEO”. I used a tool called “semrush” which allows me to see what the search volume for each keyword is and how competitive it is to rank for. 

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By doing my research I realized that there was a fair bit of traffic for the keyword “Battle Rope Certification” (40 searches per month) and very little competition (a difficulty score of 15%, which means it is quite possible to rank for this keyword). 

Battle Ropes are also something I have a fair bit of experience in so I created a Battle Rope Certification Course and if you search “Battle Rope Certification” on Google, it’s already ranking at #5 and I’m getting organic search traffic! 

Use SEO to select your course topic

So moral of the story, before creating your course, do a little bit of keyword research, not only could it help you decide what your course topic should be but it could also determine the wording. 

For example in my situation I could have just as easily called the course a “Battling Rope CEU Course” which in the Fitness Industry, essentially means the same thing… but the difference is there is 0 traffic for that keyword. So if I named the course Battling Rope CEU Course – I wouldn’t have received the same amount of organic traffic.

The tool I used is called semrush, which has the reputation as the best on the market, but there are plenty of other options available. 

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