If You Have a Facebook Group and You’re Not Doing This, You’re Crazy!

I learnt this trick back in like 2014 or something… and it’s saved my life on numerous occasions… 

Well maybe not saved my life… but it’s definitely saved my algorithm… and also saved me some embarrassment…

It’s such a simple one… yet hardly anyone does it..

Here it is…

Create a “test” Facebook Group….

And in this Facebook Group… there’s no-one in there… Just you!

And this is where you “test’ stuff… (or in other words… make mistakes that no one sees)

All the different functions in the Group… any new features… your microphone… how the post looks… yada yada yada… 

This way I can make sure my “main” Group is always “cutting edge”… because I test all the random/new stuff in my ‘test’ group… This also helps give the illusion that I actually know what I’m talking about… even if I don’t… simply because I’ve practised it in the “Test Group” before…

We’ve all seen some button… that we’d love to press… but we don’t because we’re scared it will stuff up our whole Group and we don’t come back from it…

I press that button every day in my “Test Group”…

I’ve accidentally deleted/lost access to my Test Group many times before by trying to test stuff… and it doesn’t matter coz it’s just a “Test Group”… I create a new one straight away…

(Side Note: Make sure you always have TWO people as Admins in your Facebook Group… In case you get kicked out of your Group… The other Admin can add you back in… Guess how I learnt that one 😛)

So if you have a Facebook Group…. and you don’t have a “Test Facebook Group” to go along with it…

Create one ASAP… and thank me later 🙂

(by buying one of the courses around how to run a successful FB Group 😂😂)

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