Kajabi Virtual Assistant: Should You Hire a Kajabi VA?

Kajabi Virtual Assistant: Should You Hire a Kajabi VA?

If you’ve landed on this blog, chances are you already know some of the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant (VA). If not, you may want to read the blog below first. Benefits of a Virtual Assistant: 42 Tasks a Course Creator Should Outsource to a VA. In this blog, I want to speak specifically about the benefits of hiring a “Kajabi Virtual Assistant”, a Virtual Assistant that specializes in using Kajabi.

Why Kajabi? Because that’s the most popular Course Creation platform at the moment but this theory will apply no matter what Course Creation platform you’re using. It just means you would be hiring a VA who specialises in THAT platform (e.g. Teachable / Thinkific, New Zenler etc) as opposed to a VA who specializes in Kajabi.

The question essentially should you hire a “generalist Virtual Assistant” or a “specialist Virtual Assistant” and the answer is ‘it depends, there are advantages and disadvantages both ways. 

Let’s start with the advantages of hiring a Kajabi Virtual Assistant (a VA who specialises in Kajabi).

Advantage of hiring a Kajabi VA

The biggest advantage here is that the VA already knows the Kajabi platform. They’ll know how it works, how to set up the courses, how to set up the landing pages, the products, the automation etc. 

This is going to save you a lot of time because if you didn’t have this Virtual Assistant, then you would have to learn the platform yourself. Then, if you hired a general Virtual Assistant you would have to train them how to use the platform, which is going to take even more time. 

So bottom line, by hiring a Kajabi VA, you’re going to save time because you don’t have to learn a platform from scratch.


So what’s the disadvantage then? Money. 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant who specialises in Kajabi is going to cost you more than a General VA. So even though it’s going to save you time in the short term, it’s probably going to cost you money in the long run. 

The more cost-effective strategy would be to learn Kajabi yourself and then hire a General Virtual Assistant, teach them how to use the system. Then you’ll essentially have a “Kajabi Virtual Assistant” but at a more affordable rate.

To use this strategy, however, you as the Course Creator would need to be somewhat technically savvy because if you can’t figure out how to use Kajabi on your own, you’re going to struggle from that start. 

So the bottom line here

If you’re pretty tech-savvy yourself and you’re comfortable you could figure out how to use the platform effectively on your own, then you’re best off hiring a general Virtual Assistant. You’ll have to invest some time at the start to train the VA up but after that, it’s a very cost-effective strategy. 

If you’re not tech savvy yourself and you think you would struggle to learn how to use Kajabi effectively, then you’re best off hiring a Kajabi Virtual Assistant. It’s going to cost you a little bit more money at the start but it’s going to save you a lot of time because you don’t need to try and figure out anything yourself – the Kajabi Virtual Assistant has already figured everything out 🙂 


If you’re looking to hire a Kajabi specific virtual assistant you’ve got a few options

It’s a good idea to speak to a few different Virtual Assistants to see which VA is the best fit for your business. 

Your needs will be slightly different based on whereabouts on the Course Creator journey you are and what your goals are. 

For example

  • Do you need a Virtual Assistant to upload your Course content and create all your sales pages, funnels and integrations? 
  • Have you already uploaded your Course content and you just need the Kajabi Virtual Assistant to create all your sales pages, funnels and integrations? 
  • Have you already uploaded your Course content and created all your sales pages, funnels and integrations and you just need a Virtual Assistant on retainer? 
  • Do you need things created urgently with a deadline? Or are you in no hurry?

The above will determine which Virtual Assistant is the best fit for you. 

Usually when working with a Kajabi Virtual Assistant, they will charge per hour and they will give you an estimate of the amount of hours required to complete the project. This will obviously depend on the size of your project.

For example 

  • Is it one course or three courses? 
  • Is a course 4 modules or 8 modules? 
  • Are they building a sales page or a website? 
  • Is there an upsell and an order bump? 
  • Does it need to be integrated with any other software

Once the initial project is completed, you will probably still need ongoing support from your Kajabi Virtual Assistant. This usually works in the form of a retainer. You will come to an agreement with your VA where for a set fee, they will be on hand for a certain amount of hours to help support you.

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