Kartra Review

Kartra Review

What is Kartra?

Kartra is a fully integrated platform, which means that all of the software components work together to ensure that your company functions smoothly.

Genesis Digital, the same team behind WebinarJam, created it in 2018.

Kartra comes with everything you’ll need to start an online business, from email marketing to webinars, cart checkout features, and a slew of other important features, all of which work together flawlessly. For example, if a user fills out a Kartra form, Kartra Mail can add them to your mailing list automatically.

One of Kartra’s most appealing features is that it is suitable for both rookies to the world of online business and seasoned tech users. 

Another advantage of Kartra is that it is entirely cloud-based. That means you don’t have to be concerned about losing important company data because it’s always safe on the cloud. You won’t need to download anything else once you’ve downloaded Kartra, and you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of the platform.

Kartra also provides pre-built, high-converting sales funnels, saving you time, money, and effort.

So far, Kartra appears to be an excellent option, right?

Let’s have a look at some of Kartra’s key features to see what it has to offer its consumers.

Who Is Kartra For?

Kartra isn’t for everyone, despite how simple it is to use. If you already have a solid system in place that’s working well for you, adding Kartra to your sales process could be more of a hassle than a benefit.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, as the saying goes.

Kartra is for business owners who don’t have the funds or time to engage a team of developers to build a successful online venture. It’s for marketers who want to spend less time troubleshooting software and more time closing deals. Kartra is also for those looking for a better alternative to well-known marketing platforms like Clickfunnels and Leadpages.

Let’s take a deeper look at the many things that Kartra has to offer.

Features of Kartra:


Everything you’ll need to start selling items and services on the internet.

  • Sell as many products as you want – Sell a limitless number of digital, physical, and individual products, as well as subscriptions and training courses.
  • Various price points – Set various price points and payment options for each product, including one-time, recurring, and installment payments.
  • Amazing check-out pages – Excellent product pages will make your stuff attractive. Then, using gorgeous checkouts that have been optimized by our marketing experts, persuade your customers to make a purchase.
  • Transactions with a single click – Kartra remembers prior users and customers, so everything will be pre-filled and ready for them to click the “Confirm Order” button the next time they visit your checkout page.
  • Tag your buyers automatically – Kartra may also automatically tag your purchasers, assign points to them (lead scoring), add them to a customer list or an automated follow-up sequence, and much more.
  • Order bumps, upsells, and downsells – Why should you stop after the first sale? Upsells, downsells, and last-minute “add on” offerings can help you increase your dollar-per-customer ratio.

Coupons, sales, subscriptions, special offers, trials

  • Pay with a credit card or with PayPal – Allow your consumers to pay however they want, which will enhance your conversions.
  • One-time purchases, subscriptions with recurring payments, and fixed payments – You will be able to set the exact pricing system you require, regardless of what you sell. For example, you could offer your consumers the option of making a one-time payment of $97 or a three-month payment plan of $39.
  • Initial payments and trials – Do you want to give a 14-day free trial to your customers? It’s no problem. What about a $1 trial for the first month, then $99 a month after that? Absolutely. What about a $500 setup cost followed by a $99 monthly fee for the first year? You figured it out.
  • Discount coupons and special promos – Coupons and promotions are great ways to seal the transaction. You may easily set up Kartra Checkouts, designate an expiration date, show them just to specified customers, and so on.

Checkout forms: single-step vs. multi-step

  • Vertical or single-step checkout form – All relevant information, pricing data, credit card area, and so on will be displayed all at once on the checkout form. In other words, your customers will move vertically through the checkout process.
  • Horizontal or multi-step  checkout form – Your customers go through the checkout process one step at a time, starting with their personal information, then shipping information (if applicable), and lastly payment information. Rather of being vertical, the navigation experience is horizontal.

Maintain relationships with current clients.

  • Make changes to the pricing and coupons – Offer a short discount midway through a customer’s subscription or shift him up/down to a different price tier altogether to persuade a dissatisfied consumer.
  • Dates for payments can be rescheduled – Is it possible that a customer requires a few extra days to pay their monthly membership? No problem; simply grant him a payment extension on their next due date.
  • Modify your payment choices – Through the secure site, you can edit or update customer credit cards. Furthermore, Kartra reduces churn by alerting clients when their card is ready to expire.
  • Subscriptions will be frozen until further notice – Let’s say a consumer isn’t ready to use your services yet, but you don’t want to lose him forever. Consider putting his subscription on hold until further notice, giving him (and yourself) the opportunity to continue conducting business.

Cross sales, upsells, and downsells

  • Why limit yourself to selling only one product at a time? Incorporate a one-click upsell into your checkout process. It’s simple! Kartra Checkouts will automatically give your consumers a second, more valuable offer, which they can add to their cart.

Cross-sell your equally valuable products in complementary or even completely other categories using the same simple approach.

Kartra can also enroll customers in an automated post-sale marketing sequence (autoresponder) if you want to offer them more products from your portfolio.

Kartra Checkouts can also give them a more entry-level product in your value ladder if they aren’t yet ready to buy a specific product (the downsell). You’ll have a better chance of converting a free lead into a paying customer this way.

Order bumps

  • An order bump is a last-minute “add-on” promotion that your customers can add to their basket shortly before they check out. To increase the dollar-per-customer ratio, offer them a complementary product or service.

Order bumps are simple to set up and use for both you and your customers: they simply need to check a box, and the bump offer will be automatically added to their cart.

Shipping cost and sales tax

  • Offer tangible items for sale – Do you deliver your goods across the country or even internationally? For each product and each country, you can set a separate shipping cost.
  • European VAT or sales tax? No problem! – Kartra calculates and applies sales tax or VAT to your checkout process automatically. You’ll also be able to get a full Excel report, which will make your accountant’s life much easier!
  • Geographical auto-location – Kartra Checkouts recognizes your user’s location and automatically calculates the delivery cost and sales tax.
  • Checkout language and currency conversion – Do you cater to overseas clients? Great! Kartra Checkouts will provide them with real-time translation in 12 languages and 40 currencies.

Custom Fields 

  • Customize the checkout experience – Get the precise information you require from your consumers, such as “Proficiency level,” “Preferred contact method,” or whatever else you require.
  • Perfect for multiple SKUs – If your product has various SKUs, such as different sizes or colors, you can let your customers choose the specific SKU variant they desire.
  • Forward the order details to your warehouse – It’s simple: create an automated rule that sends all of the details of a new order to your delivery manager, fulfillment house, or warehouse as soon as it’s received, so they can handle it straight away.


Follow their journey – Every lead has a narrative to tell. Kartra keeps track of every step they take and creates a thorough history of their activities.

  • Get useful information – Learn your prototypical user’s behavioral patterns, such as how they arrive on your site, when they leave, which links they click, how they move from sign-up to checkout, and so on.
  • Verify your blueprint – When you create a sales funnel, you anticipate your customers to follow a specific path through it. Follow their progress to confirm your strategy.
  • Breakpoints should be identified – Is there any chance they’ll go off the rails? Is there a link in the flow that isn’t working? Bring them back on track by spotting it early.

Advanced lead scoring and tagging

  • Lead tagging – Use custom labels to properly organize your leads into subgroups such as free prospects, paid customers, VIPs, cold leads, and so on. Is it possible to send an email solely to your VIPs? It’s not an issue. Do you want to send a warm-up email sequence to your cold leads? What a fantastic concept. It’s because of this granularity that you can tailor your marketing message to each individual demographic group.
  • Lead scoring – Lead scoring helps you to quantify them, just as lead tagging allows you to classify them. Assume you award 5 points for each product purchased and 2 points for each add-on to their shopping cart. You could, for example, construct an automation to assign the tag VIPs to any lead with a score of more than 15 points. Have the system automatically enroll them in a special event reserved for your greatest customers after they hit 25 points.


The most powerful page builder

  • There are hundreds of page and section templates to choose from.
  • Every aspect on the website can be customized.
  • Integration with the Kartra ecosystem is seamless.
  • 100% responsive to mobile devices
  • Drag-drop-click-fun – There is nothing to draft. There’s nothing to code. Take advantage of Kartra’s cutting-edge visual interface.
  • Begin with a template or a blank canvas.
  • Publish to your domain with a single click


  • Kartra comes with over 100 beautiful full-page templates if you don’t want to get creative or simply need to put a page together in 5 minutes.

Lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, video pages, coming soon pages, webinar pages, blog pages, and a variety of other pages are all available. Whatever type of template you require, whatever industry you serve, you’ll discover a magnificent ready-to-use template that fits the bill.

Pop a world of possibilities

  • Landing pop-ups
  • Exit pop-ups
  • Lead capture pop-ups
  • Checkout pop-ups
  • Video pop-ups
  • Info pop-ups

Keep your own web address.

  • Kartra can be used to host the page – If you don’t have your own domain, Kartra would gladly host all of your pages for you for free. It willl create a custom subdomain for you, such as https://YourUsername.Kartra.com/page name.
  • It should be published on your own domain – Do you want to preserve your domain’s name? Is it possible to host it on a WordPress blog? It couldn’t be much easier! Within seconds, Kartra’s patented One-Click-Push technology pushes your pages live to your domain.

A/B Split testing

  • Split testing landing pages is all the rage right now, and Kartra has a sophisticated split testing functionality that allows you to test in a variety of ways. The feature allows you to build two different versions of a page, which are then displayed to browsers at random. The most successful page wins, and it is the page that is utilized after that.

Do you want to make changes to a page’s copy? Sure.

Is it possible to remove a video? Take a chance.

Want to test two entirely different pages by scrapping a whole page design? What’s to stop you?

When compared to many other landing page builders, which only allow users to split test small components at a time, this flexibility is important.


Given that Kartra’s shopping cart is part of a broader system, it is a pretty outstanding feature. It gets even better when you add in the affiliate portal. You can use the affiliate portal to allow your consumers to become your promoters for any product you create.

Using customized surveys and obligatory terms and conditions, potential affiliates can be screened and chosen. Custom URLs are offered to affiliates, allowing you to offer a percentage or fixed rate off of sales when the code is utilized.

You can also look at information about your affiliate, such as the amount of referrals they receive and their payout history. You’ll also get access to information about everything from visits to purchases, refunds, cancellations, revenue, and customer value.

While many shopping carts can be cumbersome to use, there isn’t much that Kartra’s version can do to improve ease of use or features.

Apart from the additional functionality that some dedicated shopping carts provide, Kartra’s shopping cart feature provides you with all you need to sell products and services.


A robust email marketing approach is recommended to obtain such leads. That’s where Kartra comes in to aid with email broadcasts, automation, tagging, and sequences, among other things.

This platform module attempts to take the position of well-known email marketing providers like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit.

As you may guess, this is no easy task.

So, how does the email marketing module in Kartra work? To begin, you can build an email list by manually entering leads or importing leads from a CSV file. If you’re switching from another email marketing platform, such as one of the ones listed above, this is helpful.

  • Broadcasting – You can send emails using Kartra’s broadcast capability. If it’s appropriate for your business, you can also send your communications by SMS.
  • Automation 

Kartra also has a sequence builder, which is an automated workflow builder. If you’ve used other email marketing services like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign, you’ll see that it’s similar to their automation builders.

When compared to other dedicated email marketing systems, Kartra’s automation capability may use some work. The feature is difficult to use because adding elements or moving stuff around causes the editor to freeze. As you may expect, this can be extremely aggravating.

If you can get beyond the slowness, Kartra is a useful email marketing system that covers many of the functions seen in other email marketing software.

It’ll never be able to compete with dedicated top-name email marketing systems like the ones listed above, but it’ll suffice as part of an integrated marketing system.

  • GDPR

Another advantage of Kartra’s email marketing module is that it helps with GDPR compliance. GDPR went into effect in May 2018, and if you have clients in the EU, you must follow these laws and regulations. GDPR compliance, on the other hand, is made simple and quick with the help of Kartra.


Another important feature of Kartra is the ability to create effective marketing campaigns. If you have the technical expertise, you can create campaigns from scratch, or you can use one of Kartra’s convenient predefined campaign templates.

If you’re starting from fresh with a campaign, you’ll need all of the media you’ve created on the platform. However, if you’re using a prepackaged campaign, Kartra will take care of everything.

There are currently five campaigns to pick from, each addressing a distinct marketing issue. The simple list building campaign, for example, focuses on growing your email list to help you generate leads.

On the other side, the 4-day cash machine campaign helps you close deals using an existing email list. Simply click on a campaign to learn more about it, and you’ll be sent to a video that walks you through the campaign’s objectives.

If you opt to import a campaign, it will be added to your Kartra account along with email sequences, product sales funnels, advanced automation, and other relevant features.

After you’ve launched the campaign, go through your account to find the applicable assets and make any necessary changes. You can, for example, customize the pages used in a campaign to match your company’s needs.


Finally, in the Kartra marketplace, you may share campaigns you’ve made with other Kartra users and vice versa. Here you can find one-of-a-kind campaigns that might work well for your company – but prepare to pay a premium. It can be a fantastic approach to find fresh and alternative directions for your organization to take. It’s also a great method to make extra money if you learn the art of generating marketing campaigns.

To sell a marketing campaign, you must first create a campaign and include all required assets. For example, you may charge roughly $250 for sharing your campaign assets (pages, list, automation) with other users so that they can use them instead of generating their own.

You can also charge a monthly subscription for additional services like re-adapting the campaign style for users or administering their Kartra software.


If you’re brand new to email marketing or don’t have any leads yet, you can use Kartra to create forms to collect fresh new leads. The form builder has the same interface as the rest of the platform, making it easy to use.

Kartra, like the rest of the software, makes things simple for new marketers by offering customizable templates for each of their forms. You can begin capturing leads once you’ve chosen and edited your templates.

Single and double opt-in options, a welcome message, tagging and automation, form behaviors, and a variety of templates are all available to create your forms. The form editor, unlike the page builder, can only make minor modifications to templates.

Let’s go over the many sorts of opt-in forms available, as their functionality and features range significantly.

  • Smart opt-in forms

Kartra is used by people from many fields of life. Kartra is able to semi-share cookie data for their opt-in email forms as a result of this. This implies that if a browser opts into another Kartra user’s form and then comes across yours, their data will already be loaded. All that is required of the user is to click the ‘sign up’ button. This can help you generate more leads because it eliminates a step in the sign-up process. People, as we all know, can be rather impatient.

  • Embedding forms

Do you have a WordPress blog already? Don’t be worried.

When you create a form in Kartra, you’ll be given a piece of coding that you can paste into your blog or anywhere else on the internet. The form will appear as usual after applying the code. You don’t need to edit the code snippet on your WordPress page or site because it will update itself.

Changes between your WordPress blog and Kartra are kept in sync at all times.

One issue of Kartra’s email opt-in forms is that unlike other email marketing solutions, you can’t readily split test form designs. Kartra’s opt-in email forms, on the other hand, perform an excellent job at creating high-converting landing pages to generate leads.

While it lacks more complex functionality, it accomplishes its goal admirably.


Sales are aided by unique video content. It has greater ability to sell and engage browsers than any other sort of content.

In comparison to photographs and written material, major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram emphasize video content.

Brands like YouTube and Vimeo frequently come to mind when we think about video hosting services. Did you realize, though, that Kartra also has a video hosting platform? You can directly submit marketing footage and product content videos to Kartra and integrate them into different pages. WordPress blogs, membership portals, and other landing sites are examples.

Kartra’s video hosting platform has a few unique features, such as CTA pop-ups that appear while a video is playing. You can make videos for opt-ins, sales pages, and offers.

Kartra’s video hosting, on the other hand, isn’t really outstanding, and when you can utilize alternative video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo, it may seem unnecessary. Uploading videos can be time-consuming; to reduce video buffering, you should compress your content.


Kartra also has a memberships function that is useful for selling courses, releasing premium material, and providing group coaching. Customers will feel more special as a result, and the learning process will be more engaging. Unfortunately, certain engagement aspects that competing products have in their membership schemes are lacking. You can’t check how far your students have advanced in the course with Kartra memberships, for example. When a student has seen the lesson, Kartra will only show you an eye icon.

There are various membership site themes available, all of them follow a similar framework and offer limited modification options. Kartra, on the other hand, provides a lot of what you’ll need to manage a successful membership program for your company.


The more successful your company is, the more challenging it is to manage your email inbox’s queries and requests. This is when the Kartra helpdesk comes to the rescue.

When customers or viewers have queries about your products or services, Kartra helpdesk allows users to create a trackable ticket scheme. This email management system makes it easier to respond to questions. Customers have several ways to contact you (ticket, live chat, Skype, or phone call), and tickets are tracked based on their status (opened, waiting, or resolved). Customers can also rate their assistance experience, letting you and your customer service team know how well you’re doing.

You may also use Kartra analytics to determine how long it takes to respond to a client inquiry or request (on average). When you receive a helpdesk ticket, you may instantly add that person to your email list and identify them with certain tags so you know they came from your helpdesk.


Kartra offers a number of monthly subscription options, each of which includes the same set of tools, features, and perks.

The best option for you will be determined by the size of your organization and the number of leads and custom domains you require.

Whether you want to try out the platform for yourself, you may do so for $1 for 14 days to see if it’s right for you before committing to one of their plans.

The various packages, their costs, and what they include are listed below.

Sample Kartra Courses

Sample Kartra Courses
Sample Kartra Courses
Sample Kartra Courses
Sample Kartra Courses

Pros and Cons


  • There are numerous instructional videos available.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • The ability to host videos internally
  • Done-for-you campaigns
  • The most effective membership platform
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM)
  • APIs and integrations
  • Kartra Marketplace
  • Tag your buyers automatically
  • Order bumps, upsells, and downsells


  • Some newbies may believe they are overpaying.
  • There is no such thing as an evergreen webinar feature (unless via integrations)

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