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Kartra vs Clickfunnels for Online Course Creators

As a course creator, you are no doubt looking for a simple all-in-one course platform that will allow you to host your course and market your offerings in one place. With so many options on offer, it can be challenging to know which is the best solution for your business and why you should pick one option over another. Keep reading as we weigh Kartra vs ClickFunnels side by side to compare two of the most popular online course platforms.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels – Which is the best option for hosting your course?

When it comes to comparing ClickFunnels and Kartra for hosting your course, Kartra generally comes out on top. ClickFunnels is known for helping you to market your course but falls short in the actual hosting side of things. Kartra is very easy to use and is designed for absolute beginners in the course creation industry. 

You can choose a template on the site and then start editing the template to meet your needs. ClickFunnels is also simple to use and allows you to create funnels and websites without much time or effort. The drag and drop builder is good for novices to use, but you’ll have to begin the process by answering questions about the industry you operate in. This can take up a little extra time when setting everything up, but it’s generally smooth sailing from there.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels – Which is the better choice for sales, funnels, and landing pages?

While the course hosting is certainly better on Kartra, ClickFunnels is the best option for your funnels, landing pages, and sales. Email marketing is great on Kartra, but its features for sales, landing pages, and funnels fall short of those on ClickFunnels.

If funnel creation is something you are particularly concerned with, definitely opt for ClickFunnels over Kartra. Kartra has a lot of tools available to you, but sometimes this means less time and effort have been put into making these the best they could be.

Pricing for Kartra vs ClickFunnels

Kartra is a good option for online course creators working on a budget. They offer a 14-day trial for first-time users for just $1, allowing you to test out the platform without committing to their monthly packages. You’ll find options on offer for all budgets, with the basic package starting at $99 per month.

There are four packages on offer, and you can just upgrade as needed as required by your work. ClickFunnels only offers two pricing plans, with the basic plan starting at $97 a month. The platinum plan jumps up to $297 per month but adds additional features that may be useful for your business.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels – Customer Support

While many online course creators focus on the tools that are available for them on a platform, we highly encourage you to think about the customer support on offer. Kartra is known for its excellent customer service, and there is a live chat feature and free training programs.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels was often known in the past for the poor customer service it provided, particularly in regards to how long it took to get a response. The good news is that this seems to have improved in recent years, and there are some good online tutorials to help you get started.

Kartra and ClickFunnels both offer different benefits to online course creators. By choosing a platform that’s right for your current needs, you’ll be able to set up your online courses and start marketing them to your target audience in no time at all with Kartra or ClickFunnels.

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