LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups (2021 Version)

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups – which one should you create? Or which one should you spend most of your time hanging out it? 

Let’s take a look and see ☺ 

Consideration 1: Content from Facebook Groups appear on a user’s newsfeed

If you’re on Facebook scrolling through your newsfeed, you’re going to what your friends have been posting on their feed… you’re going to see some Ads… and you’re going to see some action that’s going on in Groups that you are a member of.

This is a HUGE plus for Facebook Groups over LinkedIn Groups

If you’re a member of a Facebook Group, you can see what’s going on in that Group just by going through your feed organically… 

LinkedIn Groups on the other hand don’t have this function! If you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed you DO NOT see any action that’s going on in Groups that you are a member of!

The ONLY way you can see what’s going on in LinkedIn Groups is you go to the Groups section on LinkedIn, open that Group and then scroll through it… 

Nobodies got time for that! 

On most people’s “to do list” going and clicking into each specific LinkedIn Group they are in is extremely low on the list! 

That means if you make a post on Facebook Group, some members of that feed are going to see it – because it will appear in their newsfeed! If you make a post in a LinkedIn Group – there is no guarantee anyone is actually going to see it! 

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups Round 1:

Facebook: 1

LinkedIn: 0

Consideration 2: Facebook Groups are considered less spammy than LinkedIn Groups

If you join a Facebook Group as a member and immediately start posting external links or trying to promote your business – chances are you’re going to kicked out from that group quick smart! 

This is a good thing because it keeps the experience really nice for the other members in the Facebook Group. The Group is more like a community and less like an advertising noticeboard. 

LinkedIn on the other hand… The only reason you really go into a LinkedIn Group is to post links and promote your business. It’s acceptable to do so on that platform as it’s a more professional platform. 

The down point to that is that there’s not really “value” for being a member of a LinkedIn Group because you’re literally only joining a Group to get pitched too… and that’s not a great experience.

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups Round 1:

Facebook: 1

LinkedIn: 0

End Score

Facebook Groups 2

LinkedIn Groups: 0

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking to build a community, I would hands down recommend a Facebook Group over a LinkedIn Group! You will have a more engaged community! 

If you’re looking to join a community, I would also recommend joining a Facebook Group as opposed to a LinkedIn Group, the Group will be more engaged, and you will get more value out of it!

If you’re looking for a place where you can promote your courses, I’d still recommend joining Facebook Groups. You may not be able to promote your courses directly in there but there are other avenues! 

So, what’s the point of LinkedIn Groups then? Are they of any use? 

Well, if you’re on LinkedIn anyway and you’re a member of a few LinkedIn Groups where your audience hangs out, you may as well make a few posts in there promoting your lead magnet / freebie. You’re probably not going get a huge amount of interaction / leads but it’s not going to hurt… and you may pick a few leads… 

Alternatively, you can use LinkedIn Groups to connect with your ideal avatar. For example, if my ideal avatar is a Course Creator, it could be tricky for me to find them on LinkedIn because not many people enter “Course Creator” as their job title. 

However, if there’s a LinkedIn Group for Course Creators, I could join that Group and connect with all the Group members (which is appropriate and acceptable on LinkedIn). Once the member has accepted your connection request, they will see the content you post on your personal feed AND you may even want to Direct Message them and start a conversion. 

In terms of starting your own LinkedIn Group, you could argue that it’s a way for your ideal avatar to find you. For example, I actually have a LinkedIn Group myself (Course Creator Community) even though I know hardly anyone is going to see what I post in there, every now and then, someone will request to join the Group, I’ll send them a connection request… and then funnel them into my Facebook Group :p 

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