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Create and Launch Your First Online Course


Create and Launch Your First Online Course

What’s Actually Covered in the Course?

  • The overall marketing strategy (big picture)
  • How to create the perfect “mini-course”
  • How to create sales funnel that actually works
  • How to build your list for free…
  • How to successfully launch!
Create, sell and launch your first online course… even if you have no email list or audience



The Grow Your FB Group Challenge Jono is running is amazing. I’m a Course Creator from Canada and am building a worldwide community for Working Equitation Simplified! I’m currently in Week 3 and I had 134 new members join my Group this week! Thanks Jono.

Trish Hyatt

Russ from Colombia! I’m currently building a community around Permaculture! I’m currently doing the Course Creator Community FB challenge and after week 1 I’ve grown my FB Group by 70 members!

Russ Manning

Shout out to Jono Petrohilos from the Course Creator Community! I changed the name of my FB group based on his recommendation and bingo! About 50 new members! Blown away!

Andrea Riggans




Create and Launch Your First Online Course

Create, Sell and Market your Online Courses

The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities on Facebook for Online Course Creators.

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