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Course Creator Community VIP Membership

Course Creator Community VIP Membership

What’s Actually Covered in the Course?

  • Access to all of the Course Creator Community online courses: See detailed course list below
  • Live weekly webinar with Jono: Jono will cover a different topic every week
  • Live Weekly Q and A: Jono hangs around after the webinar and allows you to pick his brains on anything to do with online courses!
  • Access to webinar replay: If you can’t make it live – you get lifetime access to all replays (for as long as your a member)
Course Creator Community VIP Membership Program


Why Listen To Jono?

About Me

  • Been creating online courses before it was cool (since 2014)
  • Currently have created over 30 online courses in my other business (Fitness Education Online)
  • Generate approx $1M a year in revenue via online course sales
  • Winner of the 2020 Fitness Australia Educator of the Year Award!
  • Finalist in the 2019 New Zealand Educator of the Year Award!

Note: I'm very transparent - you can Google / Facebook all of the above to confirm!


The Grow Your FB Group Challenge Jono is running is amazing. I’m a Course Creator from Canada and am building a worldwide community for Working Equitation Simplified! I’m currently in Week 3 and I had 134 new members join my Group this week! Thanks Jono.

Trish Hyatt

Russ from Colombia! I’m currently building a community around Permaculture! I’m currently doing the Course Creator Community FB challenge and after week 1 I’ve grown my FB Group by 70 members!

Russ Manning

Shout out to Jono Petrohilos from the Course Creator Community! I changed the name of my FB group based on his recommendation and bingo! About 50 new members! Blown away!

Andrea Riggans




Course Creator Community VIP Membership

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The Course Creator Community is one of the largest and most engaged Communities on Facebook for Online Course Creators.

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