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Should I Host My Online Course on Squarespace?

A question we are commonly asked by individuals looking to host courses online is whether Squarespace would be a good place to do this. While you may think this would be a convenient choice if you are already using Squarespace, there are a few other things you’ll need to keep in mind when making this decision.

Let’s take a look at whether you should host your online course on Squarespace and what the other options available to you are.

Is It Possible to Host My Online Course on Squarespace?

Squarespace comes highly recommended to business owners for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to considering whether you should host an online course on Squarespace, we generally think there are much stronger options out there.

If you don’t have a website already with Squarespace, there are much better course-specific platforms on offer today (our personal recommendation is New Zenler

While you may think it would be helpful to have everything in one place and avoid learning to use another platform, the limited features make it well worth exploring elsewhere.

Squarespace makes it easy to build out websites, but it is very limited when it comes to creating an exciting interactive course for your audience. If you already use Squarespace and are just looking to build a basic course, you may want to consider using the platform.

However, for video-heavy courses or when you are creating a large course library, it’s best to look elsewhere.

While there are some advantages for both you and your users to have everything in one space, these are usually outweighed by the reduced quality of the course.

The Top Reasons Not to Host Online Courses on Squarespace

There are a few key reasons we encourage you to look elsewhere when hosting online courses. When you host an online course on Squarespace, you’ll find that it’s a lot more expensive than you might imagine, depending on the package you choose. The transaction fees are very high on Squarespace, which many content creators tend to overlook until they receive their bill.

A huge drawback for content creators is the lack of video hosting, which means you’ll need to use YouTube or Vimeo first to add videos to your page.

Videos are critical for any good online course today, so this is one of the top reasons we recommend you avoid hosting online courses on Squarespace.

Another big drawback of this site is that you can only have up to 10 courses at a time. While this might not be a problem at the start of your online course creation career, as you progress, you’ll find this to be very limiting.

If you are looking to host an online course on Squarespace, you may want to think twice about this decision. With great course platforms online such as Teachable, Kajabi, Kartra, New Zenler etc you’ll have no issue finding somewhere else to host your courses that will offer you many of the features that are missing on Squarespace for online course creators

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