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Jono Petrohilos’s paid membership is excellent.
Lessons are practical & actionable. You learn from:
1) The courses.
2) How Jono produces the courses.
If you want to serve more people & get paid doing it (rather than learn for the sake of learning) then I highly recommend it.
Andy from England

I’m a Meditation Teacher from Wisconsin and just completed the Course Creator Community FB Challenge. I loved it! Lots of action items, ways to keep growing. I went from 80-117 members with just ONE hour a WEEK working specifically on the steps that were taught. I recommend any person looking to grow a FB Group to complete this challenge.

Deanna from Luck, Wisconsin

I just wanted to pop in and say how AMAZING Jono’s membership site is. There is so much good content, if you’re needing help in any aspect of course creation, seriously- sign up for it. I wish I had sooner. I am a Spiritual Teacher and course creator and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on coaches and classes and Jono helped MORE than all of them combined! It has been incredible.

Hollie from Colorado
I have just joined webinar[ Facebook group How to Create a Wildly Engaged (and profitable) Facebook Group ]today.
It was very impressive and more feasible I have ever heard.
I like the most that he mentioned we as the group manager have to encourage member to win in the group by asking questions.
That’s definitely effective rather than just asking them to write comments.
I am very keen to join his FB100 Challenge but would like to check his FB group and its contents first, since I’ve just known him since yesterday ^^
I have joined couple of FB group webinar, but his webinar was most impressive one, I have ever heard.
I recommend you to join his webinar and check by yourself, if it sounds interesting for you.
Duke Yamamoto from Auckland, New Zealand
As a recent Course Creator Community VIP member, I would highly recommend joining, for anyone looking for ways to get help with promoting their online courses.
I’m a certified riding instructor and remote coach, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I have courses to help Equestrians gain confidence with their riding, as well as help them connect on deeper levels with their horses.
I was blown away by the amount of value in this membership, especially with the live calls. In about thirty minutes, I learned a ton about very specific tools to help connect to my ideal clients online.
Thanks Jono! Eager to keep learning more!
Beth Lauren from Atlanta, Georgia

Wow can’t thank Jono enough his program is helping me so much with my business (creating courses to help people design their dream life and relationship after divorce). It makes a huge difference to work with someone that makes it so simple to understand and execute that really cares about making a difference to your business!! I finally believe it’s possible again and I am so excited – thank you Jono!!!

Renae Tate from Australia

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