TikTok Marketing Course(s)

TikTok is an extremely popular social media platform with a large user base, making it a valuable marketing channel for online course creators to reach potential students, showcase their expertise, and build brand awareness. Taking a course on TikTok marketing will equip online course creators with the skills to effectively create and distribute content on the platform, reach their target audience, and drive engagement and sales for their online courses.

TikTok Marketing Course(s)

Our recommended TikTok Marketing course is the “Inside Scoop” run by Wave Wyld.

Wave’s membership includes

– 30+ Tiktok trends: Delivered directly to your inbox every week

– 10+  Reels Trends: Delivered directly to your inbox every week

– 3+ shorts trends: Delivered directly to your inbox every week

– Access to all of Wave’s courses

– Live monthly Q and A

All for just $14 a month! 

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About Your Presenter - Wave Wyld


I specialize in helping people who feel confused an overwhelmed with the TikTok platform to the kind of account that creates loyal, raving fans, positions you as the expert and makes you more money in your business. 

Through my courses and coaching I take you from a clueless newbie to TikTok superstar when it comes to learning how to build your brand that helps you stand out, attract ideal followers, go viral with intention, and thrive with the TikTok algorithm. 

If you’re convinced TikTok is not the platform for you, and you feel like your niche is too saturated on the app I’m here to help.

With a background in personal branding and digital marketing my expertise and unique “Ideal Follower Attraction Method” has helped my clients sell out their programs, products and smash their goals. 

If you are done feeling stuck and struggling with your account, now is your time to level up and shine.

Ready to get the attention you deserve?



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