Naming a Facebook Group (5 Proven Templates and Examples)

Naming a Facebook Group (5 Proven Templates)


Why is naming your Facebook Group important? 

In todays society there are endless ways to grow your Facebook Group… You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Podcasts, ClubHouse, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencers, Blogging…  

And all of these strategies work… 

But… they are all hard work!

In my opinion the quickest and easiest way to grow your Facebook Group is to use a ‘passive’ strategy… One that works without YOU doing the work.

And the easiest way to do that is to naming Facebook Group correctly! 

One of the questions we ask before someone joins our group is “How Did You Hear About Us?” (I recommend you ask this question too… as it shows what strategies are working for you)….

The most common response we get is “I searched for groups on Course Creation and yours came up”… 

It’s that simple… 4-5 new members A DAY joining our Facebook Group just because we named it correctly (The Course Creator Community)… 

And these new members are our PERFECT avatar! 

Facebook has targeted them because they are interested in similar Groups, the user has seen the Group, clicked on the Group, requested to join, answered a few personal questions and maybe even given me their email address. 

There’s no hotter lead than that… and it’s 100% passive

I know other Group owners that are hustling their butt off to grow their Facebook Group and not getting anywhere that amount of Group requests! 


An example is my friend Nathan, he’s a Mortgage Broker and owns his own company Python Wealth…

Nathan’s started a Facebook Group where he gives free value and nurtures his leads.

Nathan’s called his Facebook Group “The Snake Pit” – which is a play on his business name “Python Wealth”… Now it’s a cute name… And it’s very clever, i’d never be smart enough to come up with something like that… 


Nathan is never going to get any free organic traffic with a name like that… 

And the only people hey may get find that group are snake enthusiasts… Not people looking for a mortgage broker… 

Now don’t get me wrong – Nathan’s Group is growing… but he’s working his butt off to grow it… Going on podcasts, posting daily on his Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Posting in other Groups… 

Whereas at the Course Creator Community we could do absolutely nothing… Not even log onto Facebook and our Group would grow faster than Nathan’s – just because of our name.

If you want to grow your Group by 4-5 members every single day… without you having to do any work… Try a few of these formulas 

Naming a Facebook Group: Formula One: The “Who”

You literally just name your Facebook Group after the people you want in there! 


  • Facebook Group Admins
  • Australian Fitness Trainers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Early Childhood Teachers

This works great if you have a defined niche! The only people that are going to join this group are people in this niche! And if done correctly, users should almost feel “left out” if they are not in this group. For example – I would feel left out if I wasn’t a member of the “Australian Fitness Trainer” Group.

Naming a Facebook Group: Formula Two: The “Who Community”

This formula is very similar to Formula One… The only difference is you add a “community” based word to the end of it

Step 1: Call out your community (e.g. Australian Fitness Trainers, Course Creators, )

Step 2: Add the word Community (or something similar… “Movement” / “Tribe” etc)


  • Facebook Group Admin Community
  • Australian Fitness Trainer Community
  • Social Media Managers United
  • Early Childhood Teacher Tribe
  • Course Creator Movement

It’s completely up to you whether you include the community-based word in your Facebook Group name or whether you just use Strategy 1 – sometimes it sounds better, sometimes it sounds worse :p 


Naming a Facebook Group: Formula Three: The “what”

If you don’t help a particular niche… Then the “what” formula works well… You basically just state what you’re going to give


  • Facebook Ad Hacks
  • Learn Guitar Online
  • Classroom Teaching Ideas
  • Real Estate Investing Tips
  • Beginner Piano Tips

Naming a Facebook Group Formula Four: The “what for who” 

This basically combines the “who” and the “what” formula’s together! This works great if you have a specific niche and you help them with a specific topic


  • Facebook Ad Tips for Mortgage Brokers
  • Marketing Tips for Fitness Trainers
  • Classroom Teaching Ideas for Music Teachers
  • English Tips for Non English Speakers

Naming a Facebook Group Formula Five: The “who: with a little explanation”

This works well if the “who” doesn’t quite cut it… Or if there are already a few Facebook Groups with similar type names


Course Creator Community: Create, Market and Sell Your Online Courses

  • Living the Laptop Life: A Group for Online Service Providers
  • Female Entrepreneurs: Start Your Online Business and Get Clients

Bonus Tip 1: Use Emoji’s

Most Facebook Groups don’t use emoji’s in their Group name, so by using them – you just stand out a little more


Course Creator Community: 👉 Create, Sell and Market your Online Courses!


Course Creator Community: 👉 Create, Sell and Market your Online Courses!

Australian Fitness Trainer Community 💪

🎵 Classroom Teaching Ideas for Music Teachers 

Bonus Tip 2: Branding

If you want to use your name or your business name somewhere in Group name (for branding purposes) you can include it in the end.


  • Course Creator Community: 👉 Create, Sell and Market your Online Courses with Jono Petrohilos
  • Australian Fitness Trainer Community 💪: by Fitness Education Online 
  • Online Marketing Made Easy: with Amy Porterfield

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